Advantages of REDBOX E-Magazine

By Admin - October 01,18

Print media even after the advent of electronic and digital media is still as effective as it used to be. The newspapers and magazines are still as famous as it ever was and there is a large number of people who still rely on the print mediums to gain information and knowledge. That is why the REDBOX with all its technologically advanced products like our YouTube channel, property buying and selling portal and mobile application still publishing 50+ page magazine on a daily basis. Not just they are publishing it, the large number of audience that receive and read our residential and commercial real estate magazines also appreciate the content of our online real estate magazine and this number is increasing rapidly.

Information Regarding Everything

The best thing about the REDBOX E-Mag that make us best real estate agent magazines is our range of information. It is the speciality of the REDBOX e-mag that a reader gets all the news related to different topics. For example, the REDBOX e-mag is Pakistan’s first and only real estate oriented online magazine. Because of our property portal that is Pakistan’s one of the biggest real estate buying and selling portal that helps us to keep an eye on everything related to the real estate sector of Pakistan. With that background, we are directly linked with all the happenings of the real estate world. That is why the news and views that we add in our real estate online magazine.

Great Advertising Opportunity

The REDBOX online real estate magazine is not only a great for the readers to know all the real estate related information but also a golden opportunity for all the realtors to advertise their business. The viewership of the REDBOX real estate online magazine in Pakistan has thousands of viewership. REDBOX online magazine is the premium source of information for the majority of the real estate investors. That is why advertising on the REDBOX online magazine can help any real estate company to achieve success in the real estate industry. Furthermore, the REDBOX real estate magazine advertising is not new for some of the major real estate companies in Karachi. Our magazine contains numerous ads from numerous top real estate agencies that are getting the fruits out of it.

Up-to-Date Own Prices

If you are in the business of real estate buying and selling then knowing about all the property prices is critical for you. That is why the REDBOX real estate online magazine provides you with a complete list of property details from all the major residential projects in Pakistan. In our magazine, you can find the inventory rates of own prices from the projects like DHA and Bahria Town. We cover each city and project separately so the realtors who read our online property magazine daily can keep themselves aware of all the ups and downs of the market.

Daily Dose of Entertainment

The REDBOX online real estate magazine is not only limited to information and news regarding the real estate and other topics, but it is also your daily dose of entertainment. The magazine is the perfect combination of hardcore news and light entertainment that keeps you fresh.

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