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DHA City had made its place among the top ten housing and commercial property projects in Pakistan. Planned on an area of 90,000 Kanals, this housing project was launched in 2010. However; there have been a lot of positive changes seen in this property so it became a good option for people to live in. Today, we will tell you all the good things which will propel you to buy a house in DHA City right away!


There are a few facts regarding the market activity of DHA City observed on a current basis;

•    There is an apparent hike in the demand of the plots available.

•    Buyers are interested in properties having the price tags lower than 5 million PKR which are available for them.

•    Numerous options of investment fall into this category.

•    Many overseas Pakistanis are considering DHA City for their future investments.

•    Promising returns are expected on the prices due to this drop in demand.

•    Taking advantage of this situation, investors availed their opportunity, and so can you!

These market affairs are coming up with some mathematical reasons to invest in DHA City promptly. Let’s have a look at all the perks and facilities available for your comfort there!

TOWN PLANNING                

Being the first semi-private residential project of the country; DHA City laid its town planning based on the international standards of living. Every inch of this project was planned to keep in mind the standards of living which are so popular in other parts of the country that people here want to adopt them on a prompt basis too! If you are planning on investing in DHA City; be sure of the fact that your home will be near commercial allotments or recreational activities for your children so that your home brings ease to your lifestyle.


For making your lives easier and better, two important sources are present in DHA City, such as;

•    DHA Suffa University

•    DOW Medical University and Hospital

This project is planned for keeping the important aspects of life in mind. You should not worry about the educational prospects of your child due to the presence of DHA Suffa University. Undoubtedly, DOW Medical University and Hospital is also a trusted name when it comes to your medical betterment and future health prospects.


People now prefer to live in gated communities which is why; DHA City is installed with modern security systems which would protect you from irrelevant interruption and any other security-based issues in your daily life. There are guards day and night patrolling your streets for your protection. Living near the city of lights has always given people fear of being at risk all the time. However; the situation is different in DHA City. You will not have to worry about carrying an expensive phone, or leaving the kids outside alone in the park!


As the demand for the plots in DHA City is increasing, there is an increase in the prices of about 10%. However; the rates which had been set are already lower by 60%. It has been estimated that if the cycle continues, the difference in price will be ended. It is also believed that it is a golden chance for investing in this place. For your convenience, there are different estimated prices mentioned below.

500 sq. yards    7,000,000 to 12,000,000 PKR

300 sq. yards    5,000,000 to 7,500,000 PKR

200 sq. yards    4,500,000 to 7,500,000 PKR



Few years, the concept of energy recycling in housing projects emerged in the world. Now DHA City is also in the line and production of energy through wind and sunlight is becoming more and more popular. Many other housing projects are still planning to take the necessary steps and on the other hand; DHA City has actually done the deed! The electricity which will be consumed by you is fabricated by wind as well as sunlight. All the nature’s bounties and blessings are respected and recognized by DHA City!


DHA City is located on Super Highway. On about 20 minutes’ drive from Toll Plaza, it is extremely near Karachi. The distance is meaningless so there is nothing to fret about. If you end up studying the map and wonder the distance between Karachi and DHA City, be assured that it is only a quick drive of insignificant 20 minutes.


The misconception about the DHA City located in a messed up area has made the concept of ‘peace’ non-evident for the buyers. So we assure you that DHA City will expose you more and more to the natural phenomena and beauty of the world. Every moment of your existence here will be an experience of joy for the people living in DHA City.


You can buy the plots for sale in DHA City in the following locations and sectors;

DHA City – Sector 6 (189)    DHA City – Sector 16 (71)

DHA City – Sector 14 (151)    DHA City – Sector 11 (64)

DHA City – Sector 2 (130)    DHA City – Sector 10 (59)

DHA City – Sector 13 (117)    DHA City – Sector 15 (52)

DHA City – Sector 3 (81)    DHA City – Sector 17 (31)

DHA City – Sector 4 (81)    DHA City – Sector 8 (22)

DHA City – Sector 7 (74)    DHA City – CBD Commercial (21)

DHA City – Sector 9 (71)    DHA City – Sector 1 (10)

DHA City – Sector 5 (76)   


These are some of the plots and areas where the purchase of plots can be made easily and conveniently by you.

In the northeastern suburbs of Karachi; DHA City is now the most influential housing project and the number of investors who want the safest property for themselves has started to invest in it and the number is continuously growing. These were some of the updates which we ought to give you to have better reasons to invest in DHA City.


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