Gwadar Golf City and ASF City are both extremely well-reputed projects in the outskirts of metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Gwadar Golf City is the project of BSM Developers owned by Bilal Malik, grandson of Malik Riaz. Having an affiliation with Bahria Town; this project is also expected to have qualities and amenities same as the other Bahria projects. On the other hand, ASF City is a scheme which initially was only for the retired army staff, but now civilians can also avail this opportunity. This project was initiated by the ASF Foundation having better living standards. There are commercial, residential and other options for you here. We will tell you the basic differences in different aspects associated with ASF City and Gwadar Golf City.


It is extremely vital for a housing project to be on a location which is extremely beneficial for a living. Gwadar Golf City is built on about 1000 Kanals. The location of Gwadar Golf City is near Gwadar Port. Being near the city; this real estate project is investment-worthy to great extents. This occupies a lot of space for many commercial and residential activities. ASF City is based on the area of about 3000 Acres. This is also based on a mixture of residential, commercial and other mixed property based ventures. ASF City is located on Super Highway, on about 20 minutes-drive from Toll Plaza. Comparing these two; the locations have different perks which are exceptional and enchanting on separate levels.


ASF City is free from any kind of reputational damage as the project is initiated by armed forces. There is high-end security provided by ASF City which ensures that it will be free from any damage, Moreover; the big name of this project symbolizes that there will be no further errors in the context of land being snatched away. Gwadar Golf City also holds a good reputation as this project is initiated by Bilal Malik, grandson of Malik Riaz. As Bahria Town was full of facilities, it is expected to be having the same vital betterments as well as perks which are important for the buyers.


Both ASF City and Gwadar City are divided into different residential categories. These residential categories are divided to differentiate the different categories of the plots and the categories of people living in each of them. In ASF City, there are total 10 blocks which have been planned for providing residency. These blocks include Abu Bakr Block, Umar Block, Usman Block, Ali Block, Jafar Block, Neelam Block, Naran Block, Naltar Block, Bilal Blok, and Qarni Block. These ten blocks have numerous plots of 125 sq yards, 250 sq yards and 500 sq yards where one can occupy residency. On the other hand, Gwadar Golf City has plots ranging from 4 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. This is the range of property available here for residential sale.


The most important thing for a real estate project is its market feedback and response. The performance or acceptance of a property project is analyzed through the market response. It is important to analyze the number of people taking an interest in the project. Both Gwadar Golf City and ASF City are different regarding sale and purchase. The market has been responding well to both of the projects. There has been the tremendous sale of plots in Gwadar Golf City because the reputation which has been set by the pioneers of this property has increased the engagement of this property from the very first day. The demand for the plot files is extremely high and the inventory is so mu popular. The market response for ASF City is equally high. As the commercial property is not up for booking yet; people are heavily investing in the residential side as they believe that it will be successful in the upcoming time.


As Gwadar Golf City is already situated in Gwadar, it is the hub of fishing and trade. Because of CPEC, there is already a lot of commercial success in this area and it will continue to grow in the upcoming period. As far as ASF City is concerned; then the sale and purchase of commercial properties have not been started yet. However; it is still expected that there will be a boom in terms of commercialization. These are the aspects of commercial property in both of these housing societies. It is important to see the commercial aspects of society when it is being bought. The business-oriented aspects of a property are as important as residential aspects. Any property, when designed, is recognized by its commercial success and the business which it is offering.


The ASF housing scheme is located in the suburbs of Karachi. It comes under the governance of Major General Zafar ul Haq. This housing scheme was initially announced for the retired airport staff, but now civilians can also enjoy all the perks and benefits. This scheme has a lot to offer. Lavish apartments, exotic views, parks and whatever you have wished for. You name it, and it is there.

On the other hand, Gwadar Golf City is the project of Bahria Town. All the facilities and amenities that are available based on the international standard. Moreover, to create interest among the public, the designer has put the replicas of the famous landmarks and the Seven Wonders of the World. Other than that there are schools, hospitals, golf course, gym, and much more. All the facilities and amenities are based on international standard.

We cannot say which housing scheme is better as both of them can offer all the facilities which help the people to upgrade their lifestyle. Both of the housing schemes are equally important. If ASF is having the benefits of the city Karachi; the commercial hub, the Gwadar Golf City, is equally getting all the praises and importance after the announcement of CPEC as it will help to give the boost to the economy of Pakistan.

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