Why will DHA Quetta attract more investors?

Author: Awais Kayani
Why does DHA Quetta will attract more investors

DHA launched its first project, DHA Quetta, in Balochistan's capital. It has numerous potential because it will be the first state-of-the-art project in Quetta, complete with underground wiring, all required infrastructure, superb urban design, and well-organized society.

When it comes to the future, it will be a highly appealing investment option. If you are searching for long-term investment prospects in DHA, this is currently one of the greatest options.

Your investment portfolio will have a new avenue to enlist itself. Widening your risk profit ratio, making your income return more high and stable. DHA Quetta will attract a lot of investors based on the fact it is maintained and constructed by DHA, and one of the key points, being a vantage point for CPEC. The CPEC holds important economic stability for the whole country and CPEC that links to a city will provide a much-needed economic value for the city as a whole, this would greatly increase Quetta’s value.

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DHA Quetta Location

The location is the best part. You can find DHA Quetta just 5 minutes away from the Quetta airport. The airport is the best facility that could increase the value and economic gain for a city. Being near the airport isn’t it either. It’s on the western route of CPEC and collectively has link roads from Gadazai Malazai, Karak, Tarkha Gordat Singh, Mehtarzai, Chashma Achozai, Sra Ghurghai, Sula Khula, Wacha Khula, Hanna, and Tor Ragha.

The Balochistan governor said during the draws for DHA Quetta Phase One:

"Located in the vicinity of a Special Economic Zone of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Quetta, the project will create a wide range of employment opportunities",

Out of many other future returns, the city will generate employment opportunities. Attracting employees will contribute to the other aspects of the economies and business. For Real estate investors, these aspects would greatly increase the value of the properties and would invite other private builders and developers to build other societies. Such examples can be seen in Karachi. There are over 200 different builders’ offices present in Karachi that are part of different societies’ building projects. DHA, Bahria Town, and ARY, etc promote private builders in real estate industries.

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DHA Quetta Files

Only one Kanal plots file is available for now, the rest would be released later on. Options for early purchasing can help you maximize your future return on investment. File balloting is possible within the next 2-3 years. DHA Quetta, on the other hand, is already planning to construct an office in Phase 6 MB (Main Boulevard). Once the office is open, this will add to the convenience of transactions.

The price of adjacent societies near the Baleli railway track is one crore per Kanal. In my perspective, the file price for Quetta DHA is low. There is also a neighboring IT university. The predicted ROI over the following five years is one hundred percent. This suggests that we can expect a five-fold increase in the following five years. DHA Quetta will be the most powerful DHA chapter.

There are three major universities, a heart and cancer hospital, and spacious roads in the area. Yasinzai said:

"It will be a high-quality residential area in which youth will have access to the best educational facilities"

Ballot System

For applying to own a plot, the ballot system is introduced. Their system has few conditions before applying:

  • You must be a tax filer and present in their FBR Active Tax Filer List. Not being present in their list will disqualify your name from the ballot system and you won’t be able to revoke your fees.
  • The first down payment for the ballot of DHA Quetta must be paid within 30 days of the ballot and the second ballot must be paid within 60 days of the ballot.
  • The development cost would be announced later and posted on their website

Return on Investment

Because it is the capital of Balochistan, the city has a high purchasing power. If a nearby society has a price tag of one crore, it should imply that the file is worth at least 45-50 lacs in this case. However, when it comes to the real estate sector, the file is currently lower than predicted. We should anticipate earning at least three times the investment once development begins and possession is obtained during the following 5-6 years. This equates to at least 50% of your ROI.

The file prices in DHA Quetta, on the other hand, are inexpensive. This indicates that DHA's growth potential in this industry is significant. Non-filers, on the other hand, may benefit from lower DC and FBR levels.

Payment Plans

You can invest or buy in this scheme if you have an open file/affidavit, Intimation Letter, or Allocation Letter.

The development charges must be paid in full, which amounts to PKR 23,50,000. These fees must be paid only to DHA Quetta authorized dealers. On the DHA Quetta website, all authorized Dealers are listed.

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