In terms of its area; Balochistan is the biggest province of the country. The population of this area is also about 1.001 million as per the last census. As per the report issued by SBP, Quetta is the most expensive city of Pakistan. Whereas; our national capital is least expensive. This is why the property price rates in Quetta can range from 2,000 - 2,500 PKR per sq. Ft. to 4,000 – 4,500 PKR per sq. Ft.
In such conditions, DHA Quetta is a ray of hope for people who want to invest in profit oriented real estate projects. However; no final location has been declared for it till now. In an event hosted by DHA, Brig Javed Iqbal was asked about the exact location as per planned, but he did not disclose it for the public yet. Balochistan lacked developmental work and now; this city has an opportunity to have one of the best residential and commercial projects in the country. There are different phases allocated in which this project will be completed. This project is a highlighted opportunity regarding residency and commercial prospects for the people of Quetta so that they can fully invest in the developmental work.


In October’ 2015, DHA Quetta Act has been passed by the Balochistan Provisional Assembly. On the other hand; the developmental work in this region started by October’ 2016. The location of this project is planned along the CPEC route which is why; it may also become a commercial success. The affidavit files of this project are available in the market. This project is gaining more hype for its commercial aspects like Gwadar as compared to the residential opportunities. If you want to know further about the details and rates of the property in DHA Quetta, REDBOX can help you solve that matter.
The main slogan of DHA Quetta is “YOUR HOPE IS OUR VISION” and it is surely working on the shortcomings of the project. There were several shortcomings which had been present in this area such as a focus on higher education, advanced medical treatment, and investment groups. As a result; DHA Quetta focused on all three aspects of the basic development of the plan for this project. According to different sources; DHA Quetta is going to be constructed near Quetta International Airport. For keeping proper water supply; the construction would be done near Spin Karez Dam or Mangi Dam. Investors are looking forward to this project and a high number of people have already started to invest in it.
On the other hand; DHA Quetta is also welcoming your ideas and suggestions. There is a competition held for the design of the Grand Entrance Gate and the best design would be selected to have an actual implementation. As per Brig. Javed Iqbal, this project will also promote plantation and DHA Quetta will have a lot of greenery.


Where the town planning is concerned; DHA Quetta does not have any deflection in its standards and its categories include residential complexes, commercial zones, education and health zones, recreational zones, farming areas, and gaming zones. There is also exclusive exit and entry planned for the people with proper water resource management and horticulture plan. There is also a proper water supply plan added in the project. Town Planning Firms are also invited by DHA City for their proposal including services like Topographic Surveys, Conceptual Land Use Planning, Layout Planning, Horticulture, Water Resource Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structuring, and Fire Protection. The firms can apply till 31st January’ 2019 for this step. If you believe that these are the qualities which you were looking for in your dream residential or commercial project; CALL US NOW and get help from REDBOX to get to know more about DHA Quetta.


Taking lessons from DHA and DHA City Karachi; it can be expected from DHA Quetta that it will also demonstrate the high standards of living. Concerning additional betterments; DHA Quetta will have shopping malls, offices, hotels and also different restaurants. There has been a demonstrative interest shown by different business and real estate developmental organizations in this project. As DHA Quetta is being launched by armed forces, it can be trusted to fulfil its promises that it has made to the general public.
These were some of the recent updates by DHA Quetta which will persuade you to invest in this project and buy your homes here. The people of Quetta has been given a golden chance in the form of this project for their best residential options which they can acquire. More than that; this is more of an investment opportunity in terms of commercial property. There are different phases which this project will undergo for the development. After the necessary steps; this project will be open to the public with additional perks.
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