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By Arsal Biag - July 03,18

The business of real estate is expanding so rapidly that every day new theories and methods are getting introduced to shine up the real estate business. That is why for the realtors getting advice on real estate has become important. For this, the REDBOX Pakistan largest property portal launched a YouTube channel called REDBOX TV in which you can watch a great informational show for realtors called Dr Realtor Show. This is a great show that provides you advice for property investment in a quite different manner. The show hosted by an expert property advisor who knows all ins and outs of the real estate sector of Pakistan. To give you a better idea about the Dr Realtor Show, the following are few of the examples that have been discussed in our show for information of realtors.\

Present your property

If you have a number of properties to sell or to give on the rent, then just like selling any other product, properly presenting properties is also important. According to the Dr Realtor, this is really important information for property investment for the clients to see the actual images of the property or to make them visit the property at least once. That is why for every realtor, it is very critical to present their properties in the best possible manner.

Get a website

Even if you own a lavish and great real estate office, still it cannot match the importance of a website. In the age of digitalization, a business which is not on the internet will eventually go out of business. That is why if you want people to invest in properties, then according to the Dr Realtor, having a website is mandatory. The website gets you different benefits. A website is just like your office where you can add all the details and even the images of the properties you deal in. All the expert property advisor believe that a website has become a vital part of the real estate business. This keeps you close to your customers and makes you reachable for the masses.

Market It

Having a website is also not enough, you also have to market it. Another piece of advice for a realtor you will find in our Dr Realtor show is to promote your website through SEO and digital marketing techniques. Promoting your website is just like marketing your shop or office. This helps you in getting customers from all around the country and even from offshores. So another advice on real estate business is to get a digital marketer and market your websites and market your properties. If this convinces you, then do not forget to visit our services pages where you can find the best real estate web development services by the REDBOX.

Utilize Social Media

The social media is now the real place to do business. It doesn’t matter in what category your business falls; the social mediums have the power of selling everything everywhere. That is why the next expert property advice for the realtors is to get a social existence and start marketing your real estate agency from today.


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