The 7 Fastest Selling Villas in Bahria Town Karachi | Bahria Town Karachi Prices

Author: Awais Kayani
The 7 Fastest Selling Villas in Bahria Town Karachi | Prices Update 2021

Hoping to own land or property that suits your lifestyle? An unprecedented trend of living style with security, comfort, and utmost facilities keeps Bahria Town in our Top list.

The Bahria Town Karachi has a variety of residential and commercial plots that suits the need of many. As Karachi progresses towards the outskirts due to exhausting resources and poor town management infrastructure of the city itself, the Bahria Town gives the breathing space, the people of Karachi definitely need.

Bringing more to the table, Bahria Town offers more than what you could get in Karachi. Bahria Town Villas are the cornerstone of attraction that Bahria Town possesses. This article contains all the relevant information about:

  • Precinct for Sale
  • Construction Phase
  • Price Range
  • Buying Trends
  • Three Things to Consider When Purchasing Property in Bahria Town Karachi

Precinct For Sale

The Bahria Town is progressing steadily towards a world-class residential area. Proof of unique and well-administered system structure and planning puts Bahria Towards a better place to live than any other residential projects for now.

The Precinct in Bahria Town for sale are

  • Precinct 2
  • Iqbal Villas
  • Quaid Villas
  • 10A
  • 11A
  • Sports City
  • Paradise

These precincts are home to many people that belong to all walks of life, being educated, CEOs, businessmen, and salaried people, this creates a whole culture on its own. Having good neighbors is indeed a blessing, 10 A and 11 A precinct owns a fair share of this reputable neighborhood in town.

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Construction in Progress

The Bahria Town has a different feel to it. A lustrous aroma, a garden in all vicinity, parks to stretch, and playing grounds for all kinds of recreation and sports activities. Bahria Town gives it all.

Many phases of the precinct are yet to start. The more the merrier, however, it is all part of the plan. Many precincts are already making their way towards a suitable living lifestyle for new homeowners. Some projects are in construction right now, namely:

  • ALI Villas
  • Precinct 6

Bahria Town Karachi Prices

The Bahria Town Karachi Prices are always in range for someone, being affordable at least, because of the fact that these precincts are sold at such a faster rate.

It’s not just the price that matters, the location also plays a huge part in deciding the demand of that precinct. The Bahria Town Karachi prices follow the demand.

The land on average costs around 3500 to 4000 per square foot. This may vary from place to place and the amnesties around it. The total cost of land was around 42 lacs, which is now at approx. 1 crore.

Buying Trends

The Buying, renting or sale trend follows the amnesties and the location around it. Many precincts demand a higher price if they have these facilities:

  • School Colleges Universities
  • Markets and Shopping centers
  • Hospitals
  • Attraction points i.e. DanZoo

You can get all the highlights if you see the Bahria Town Karachi map. The Bahria Town Karachi Map will help you see all that's near your favorite location or what precinct you might choose based on the amnesties itself. The precincts that are over the moon with these facilities at hand are:

  • Precinct 2
  • Quaid Villas
  • Precinct 12
  • Sports City

These Trends follow the pattern of buying market where the flow of investors and buyers may stroll towards only those projects that are in high value and in high demand. You may invest in other precincts and villas that are not yet started their construction process.

Three Things to Consider When Purchasing Property in Bahria Town Karachi

  • Trends and timings are always important when purchasing property, and this should be kept in mind when investing in Bahria Town Karachi as well.
  • The buyer should understand whether it is buying or selling time and then make an informed selection.
  • Before investing in Bahria Town Karachi properties, always be aware of the most recent property rates.

Don't be trapped in an artificial bubble, and never invest in this megaproject if you're afraid of a similar circumstance. Buyers will only lose money as a result, so tread carefully.

The Bahria Town Karachi market is far from saturated, owning any property in these times would be fruitful.

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