First Daily Online Realtor E-Magzine

By Arsal Baig - May 23,18

There are not a lot of many magazines in the world that got published daily by their publisher. Among this very tiny number, the REDBOX real estate online magazine is the one. The REDBOX which is Pakistan largest property portal is already renowned due to the marketing and promotional services it is providing to the real estate companies in Pakistan. After creating its mark in the real estate sector introduced its online magazine for realtors which recently completed its 100th edition successfully. Another prestige that the REDBOX real estate magazine has is its frequency. It is one of the very few magazines in the world that get published on a daily basis. The REDBOX correspondence and reporters gather different news related to different and numerous topics but majorly includes real estate sector. To tell you more about how the REDBOX online real estate magazine is changing and revolutionizing the real estate world then read the next lines. In the next lines, you can read how the Pakistan first daily online realtor e-magazine can help you in growing your business.

Increasing Reach

Because we are the only online real estate magazine, that is why the reach of the REDBOX online real estate magazine is unmatchable. The REDBOX just like it is helping a major chunk who are related to real estate sector through the different services; the REDBOX e-mag is also one of those services that is bringing change in the real estate world. The news and information that we incorporate in our magazine make us the most demanded online magazine in the real estate sector. That is why with every day, we are increasing the number of readers, and more people are now demanding our magazine through different mediums that include all the platforms where we publish and promote our magazine.

Information as it happens

As I already mention that the REDBOX real estate online magazine in Pakistan is the only magazine that publishes daily and contains 50 plus pages, we due to this deliver all the news as it happens. Our representatives and correspondence gather news from all the relevant, reliable and trusted sources and then apply different filters on it to get out the authenticity. This helps the readers to know every detail about the entire passing day in just one edition. Along with our YouTube Channel and the REDBOX online magazine for property information keep the realtors well aware of everything important to grow their business.

Marketing Opportunity

Without marketing, every business is just like a shop in the middle of any deserted island. That is why having strong marketing and promotions for your real estate business is important. For this, the REDBOX real estate online magazine is an ideal platform for all the real estate related business. The reason for this is obvious. Since it is the only online real estate related magazine that is why it reaches is beyond comparison. All of our magazine readers are the people of real estate which is the perfect audience for someone who is interested in promoting their business or want to sell any property. Advertise your business through different types of ads or visit our magazine advertisement section to know more about it.


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