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The color of the previous year that is 2018 was the Pantone, ultraviolet, and rose gold. This year, coral and its undertone are here to light your way. The pinkish color and its shades are declared as the color of the year for 2019. However, it’s already two months to the year 2019, so we have decided to list down the top interior trends for this year. This year welcomes you with stylish patterns, the natural elements and much more.
Moreover, you can add a copper touch to your home decor. If you are renovating your home or buying a new one, you should not be neglecting the trends of 2019. Read here to find out the top interior design trend of 2019.

People instincts

Besides the people choose to opt for light color such as white and greys, and hard wooden floor, we have seen a noticeable change in the style pattern that people tend to follow previously. They have shifted their ways to dark color palate and wanted their house to be a reflection of who they are! Now, they have expanded their horizon and have been experimenting more colorful and bright side of them. By these changes, we can assess that now the people have the confidence to speak in their own voice.

Whimsical art and design

With the pop of vibrant colors, this style is not fading away any time soon. People want to feel happy and surround themselves with things that make them happy. These colors when put together make the people smile whenever they look at them. This is the form of childlike art and represents the art of childhood and innocence. The spread of colors describes the art “carefree” in nature. People always get positive vibes whenever they see this style of work.

Green all the way!

Apart from coral this year you are going to witness another color that is green. Some of the interior designers suggest that you should have a lot of live greenery in your home to nurture a more natural environment. Moreover, you can always go with the color variants from grass green to teal green and create more depth in the interior of the house. Small plants and trees are not only the source of fresh oxygen but also give texture and shape overall. They also bring luminosity to the room. You can either decorate your lawn or crowd them at your front window. Moreover, you can place them separately in your home wherever you like.

Textured walls

This is one of the most ‘in demand’ home décor trend that people love and want to follow. Either you can opt for different textured wallpaper or you can stick to paints. You can decorate your empty walls with amazing murals, geometrical shapes and much more to make your wall more interesting. These murals tend to draw attention and are the source to become the focal point of the room effortlessly. By filling one wall you can leave the others neutral.

Vintage can never go wrong

Replace your normal lights by installing a vintage style of lamps in your interior. As they are more refined, well proportioned, modern and more definite lines and shapes. They offer a feeling of a sculptural structure that delivers a practical light source in the meantime. I preferably lean toward a vintage bit of lighting that has elaborate signals from France in a modern day. These types of lights never go out of style.

Street art

Street art is more of a graffiti and blending more colors to make a masterpiece. It can be in any form. Whether you can do your wall or you can try to make 3d art and sculptures and place it anywhere in your home. These type of art can represent your mood. For example, gamers like the dark and shady colors that represent their mood and create a feeling in the environment they play.

Painted cabinetry

The era of wooden cabinets is over. Now from the start of the year 2019, the painted cabinetry will take over with the variety of option in colors. Moreover, if you opt for the branded ones they allow you to have a variety of textures and shape and create more depth.

No more greys

For quite a while people have been in this grey era. While it's open breezy and feels better, individuals are beginning to swing to hues to pull diverse sentiments and feelings. We are seeing individuals want to feel more energized and are up to experiment on different colors. Moreover, people want to try monochromatic tones that are deep and rich.


Velvet and other rich materials will be more unmistakable than they've been in past years. This texture makes a feeling of warmth and profundity, particularly amid the colder seasons. Moreover, velvets are royal fabric and if you install it with proper planning, it will definitely bring a luxurious and a comfortable look to your home.


Structuring real biophilic settings that don't trip our instinctive sensors with false substitutes is imperative particularly in the present innovation filled world, where we progressively lack for an association back to human-driven and more natural components.

Agate stone

Agate stone is now in fashion. Be it for decorating or be the statement in your room they are really unique and bring style to your home. The regular symmetry of this example truly attracts the eye and fills in as an urgently chic difference to striking hues and straightforwardness in a progressively present-day space.
Decorating your home according to your own choice gives you a sense of entitlement and happiness. We hope that you will look into the trends mentioned above if you have decided to set up your home right now. These trends will not only make your home ‘up-to-date’ but it will also ensure maximum quality for you. These are some of the trends which we have picked out especially for your betterment and we consider this our responsibility to keep you aware of all the list of information that we have.
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