The word “Gwadar” is taken from two Balochi words such as “Gwat” which means “Air” and “Darr” which means “Door”. This place has been a rich source of income in the history and the major source of trading between Iraq and the Indus Valley Civilization. For hundreds of years, the only community living here was based on fishermen. It is the city which is an important source of investment as well as other economic activities. There is a lot of opportunities bought by CPEC to the port city and it resulted in the rise of demand for property at residential as well as commercial level in Gwadar.
It can be seen that there is an expectation of exponential growth and development in Gwadar in the upcoming years. There is planning of infrastructural projects such as 700-km Makran Coastal Highway. It is also planned to be a trade route between Balochistan and Central Asian countries.


If viewed from the sky, Gwadar looks like a giant aircraft flying along the Makran Coast. The new airport constructed in Gwadar is the largest airport in Pakistan. The VIPs who visit Gwadar including the prime minister, army-related people, senators, and ministers consider Gwadar to be an important jewel for China Pakistan Economic Corridor. From ghost town, Gwadar has become the gold rush town in no time. The vision of Gwadar being the city of skyscrapers is ready to be fulfilled.


There are a lot of housing schemes in Gwadar which can be seen in the Mater Plan which would be an important option for people so that they can attain residency or commercial property.
• Naval Anchorage Gwadar: In 2017, Naval Anchorage Gwadar was introduced. This project is located near Rakhshan Avenue and Coastal Highway. There is a prestigious background of Pakistan Navy supporting the reputation of this project and it is safe to invest in this project as a buyer.
Gwadar Golf City: It is spread over the area of about 1000 Kanals and created by Bilal Malik, who is the grandson of Malik Riaz, the maker of Bahria Town. It is expected that this housing project will deliver the same perks as Bahria Town.
• Canadian City Gwadar: Approved from GDA, Canadian City Gwadar is located on Makran Coastal highway with an area of 310 acres. There is a central location, fast-paced developmental work, and marketing at its fullest.
• Green Palms Gwadar: It is planned on an area of about 248 acres and considered a masterpiece of Gwadar. There are a lot of facilities such as legalized developments, developmental work in speed and reasonable prices. This is how; this project is so appealing to the audience.
• Kings Park Gwadar: The total area of this project is 129 acres. The owners will get full possession of these homes in about 2 years. There are 5 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 and 2 Kanal properties in this project. There are residential as well as commercial plots in this project.
• Gwadar Central: In the heart of Makran Coastal Highway; Gwadar Central is present. According to the master plan; a large area has been saved in Gwadar Central. It is expected that this place will turn out to be the best commercial hub for Gwadar.
• Singhar Housing Scheme: The best option to wish in Gwadar is Singhar Housing Scheme. Water is surrounding this place from 3 sides. This scheme is based on about 5 phases comprises both commercial and residential options.


The master plan is based on different categories. The first part is the residential area, special industrial zone, an international airport, fishing jet, main access roads, railway terminals, tourism and fishing jetty. The master plan also has the export processing zone where all the things which are going to be exported are to be taken for further transportation. There is also oil and refinery storage, and besides that, there are different main road accesses. After that, there is a residential area present around the Arabian Sea. Near Gwadar West Bay, there is fishing jetty. The industrial zone is expanded to a lot of area near Jourkan, Ziarat Machhi West and Ziarat Machhi East. There is another Residential area present on the North of the Master Plan. Gurab Housing Scheme is present near the Oil Refinery & Storage. The international Airport is present on the North Eastern side of the Master Plan.


The roads networking system is also mentioned in the Master Plan. There are about 17 different roads which are leading from North West to North East of the master plan map such as Kahan Avenue, Sardar Gohram Lashari Road, Hore Avenue, Ankara Avenue, Mand Avenue, Chagai Avenue, Ormara Avenue, Taftan Avenue, Chiltan Avenue, Bolan Avenue, Rakhshan Avenue, Kharan Avenue, Awaran Avenue, Jhalawan Avenue, Sarawan Avenue, Commercial West Jinnah Avenue, Commercial East Park Avenue, Pasni Avenue and Bus Terminal Road. There are 7 roads by the West of the map such as Buleda Avenue, Dasht Avenue, Kech Avenue, Jiwani Avenue, Gwadar Avenue, Panigur Avenue, Pazider Boulevard, Ankaran Bridge and Marine Drive. Oher seven roads are by the Eastern Side such as Kalmat Avenue, Kulanch Avenue, Jiwani Avenue, Piahukan Avenue, Ganz Avenue and Civic Avenue. From the east, Expressway and Central Highway are connected. Near the Coastal Highway, Airport is also located.
In the end; Gwadar Master Plan indicates that there are important options available in terms of residency and commercial aspects. There is also an indication of Gwadar being an extremely advanced town in the upcoming years with the evolution of multiple housing schemes. The demand for property is expected to rise with the passage of time and there can also be vital changes in the map. Through the plan; it is expected that this project will come up to be more of commercial success due to the vital trade routes present here. Let’s see where this project takes us!
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