Indus Resort Farmhouse | Most Affordable Farmhouse

Author: Awais Kayani
Indus Resort Farmhouse | Location, Features & Payment Plans

Being a diligent person and working a 9 to 5 job might be hectic at times. And due to covid19, many different working citizens are forced to work in hard and pressure-building environments.

Have your vacations right in the heart of the most cultural cities of Sindh. Believe your instincts and give yourself the rest it deserves. Renting out a resort is one way, but what about owning a resort for your own self?

Indus Resort Farmhouse is one of the best and most affordable farmhouses in the whole of Sindh.

This article highlights the features of this project.

  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Price
  • Comparison


Let us start off with the location

It is located near Hyderabad. “To be precise” the Indus Resort is located near Badin Road. As per the defined distance, It is located 12 Km from Fateh Chowk, a 30mins distance from Indus Resort. Other than this,

  • 17 km from Kohsar Housing Society.
  • 3km from New Model Town.
  • 15 Km from Auto Bhan road.

Another fringe benefit is that Indus Resort is also near commute and easy drive-by.

The amenities are one of the key things that attract Resorts, and Indus Resort has all the attractions for your eyes to feast on.


The project is launched with the purpose to provide a kind of lifestyle of farmhouses to the people of Hyderabad since they always have missed out on it.

Not just you get 1000 sq yards of Farmhouses land with Indus Farmhouse Resort, there are tons of other amenities that Indus Resort Farmhouses is offering.

Following is the list of amenities that the Farmhouse Project is going to offer:

  • Mini zoo
  • Mosque
  • Indoor games
  • BBQ Area
  • Outside activity Area
  • Cricket
  • Garden
  • Boundry wall
  • Horse Riding
  • Lake View
  • Jogging track

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Payment Plans:

The Indus Farmhouse Resort is expanded over 8 acres of land. You can fetch the Indus Resort at a very reasonable price.

Down payment 1,260,000

Installments: 180,000 x18

Possession 500,000

Total Price: 5,000,000/-

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A Comparison

The Indus Farmhouse is considerably better and much affordable economically.

A 5 and 4-star hotel/resort is much expensive than you realize. These resorts and hotels are priced around Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000.

Other than these, other reputable resorts have memberships with them. They cost around 15 lacs to 25lacs.



Indus Resort Farmhouses are now the most opulent investment opportunity in Hyderabad. The project has a lot to offer in terms of both residence and investment prospects.

Furthermore, possessing a Farmhouses has always given you the option of generating money by renting it out. Given that these would be the first Farmhouses to be developed in Hyderabad, there has always been a need.

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