Karachi, the city of lights and the commercial hub of Pakistan, is the largest and the highly populated city of the country. Moreover, Karachi is blessed with the overabundance of the architectural classics. These masterpieces are of ancient time that was built by Hindus, British rulers. However, these designs were inspired by Mughal emperors, Gothics, Venetian and Victoria aesthetics. These places are indeed worth visiting for the people who have a great interest in historical architecture. The charm of Karachi lies within the glitches that it embraces it with pride. Karachi beautifully represents all the cultural heritage along with the famous architectural landmarks. Below, we have listed down the famous landmarks in Karachi, both new and historical ones.

Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) Building

The Karachi Municipal Corporation was the idea proposed in the year 1927. However, the development was finished in the year 1930. The inauguration ceremony was held in the year 1932. It is located on M.A Jinnah road. On the achievement of 25 anniversary of the building, it went through an improvement process in the year of January 2007. This also includes the renovation of the Clock Tower. Many of the classic events were planned on the anniversary that covers, mushaira, displays, and cultural and social activities. Moreover, the event was named the “Hamara Karachi Festival.”
Do you know? The Clock Tower was made in honor of the visit of King George V who was the Emperor of India at that time.

Habib Bank Plaza

Habib bank plaza or the HBL plaza was the tallest building in Karachi till the MCB tower was not constructed. This building is the head office of Habib Bank and is located on the I.I Chundrigar Road. This building was rewarded the tallest building of South Asia till the year 1972 and lived the title of tallest building for four decades.
Do you know? Markazi Ruet-e-Hilal Committee took advantage of the tallness of building of the Habib Bank Plaza by utilizing it for the moon sighting.

Bahria Icon Tower.

Bahria Icon Tower is owned by the renowned businessman Malik Riaz Bahria. The construction work started in the year 2008 and went through a roller coaster ride. It was completed in the year 2018. It is located in the niche area of Clifton on the shores of Arabian Sea. The building comprises of 62 floors in total. Moreover, now, it has the crown of the tallest building of Pakistan. Earlier, the eligible buildings that retained the crown were Habib Bank Plaza and MCB building.
Do you know? Bahria Icon was awarded two times for the best architectural design in terms of utilizing the space efficiently.

Karachi Port Trust

Karachi port trust is a building that was built in 1916 under the governance of British Raj. It is located near the Native Jetty Bridge. Covering the area of 1400 square yards, it represents the mixture of Hindu and Gothic style. The building has a striking curvature on the exterior. On the center of its exterior, a large dome of Roman style is formed.
Do you know? In the First World War, the Karachi Port Trust was converted into Indian General Hospital that held 500 beds. Moreover, it continued serving as the hospital till 1919.

Mohatta Palace

The beautifully carved building of Mohatta Palace was built in the year 1927. Located in the posh area of Clifton, the Mohatta Palace was founded by a Hindu Marwari businessman named Shivratri Chandrartan Mohatta. He later moved to India after the independence and could only enjoy the building for two decades. In the memory of this building, he built the nearly same architectural piece in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Mohatta palace is recognized as one of the most recognized landmarks of Karachi.
Do you know? Mohatta Palace has nine small domes in total. Moreover, it has a large dome placed beautifully in the center of the exterior.

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) Tower

The headquarters of MCB Bank Limited, MCB tower is located near Kharadar on I.I Chundrigar Road. It was known as the tallest building of Karachi before the launch of Bahria Icon Tower. It has 29 floors in total. The foundation of the MCB tower was laid in the year 2000. However, the inauguration ceremony was held in the year 2005.
Do you know? The MCB tower is 116 meters high.

IT Tower

IT tower will be located in the center of Karachi, in the Expo Centre. The foundation of the tower was announced in the avant-garde ceremony held in Karachi Expo Centre on 31 May, the previous year. However, the announcement was made by the Trade and Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP). This project will help in the expansion of the Expo Centre Karachi and the development is already started in this regards.
Do you know? The IT tower is going to be as high as 21 floors.

Frere Hall

Located in the area of Saddar, Karachi; Frere Hall was built in 1865 in the British colonial era. This hall was known as the Karachi Town hall previously. Now, it serves as the art exhibition center and the library. It is one of the most ancient and iconic buildings in Karachi and was designed by the Henry Saint Clair Wilkins. The architecture of the building represents pure Venetians- Gothic style. Because of its pastiche, it has become one of the most important spots for tourist attraction.
Do you know? The land of the Frere Hall was purchased for 2000 British Indian Rupees only.


Located in the area of Defense Phase 2, Karachi Masjid-e-Tooba is the largest mosque of Karachi and have the space of 5000 people. It has a large dome which is beautifully decorated with pure white marble. The masjid was designed by Dr Babar Hamid Chauhan along with the collaboration of engineer Zaheer Haider. If we include both the terrace and the lawn the Masjid can accommodate 30,000 people.
Do you know? Majid- e- Tooba dome is 236 feet in diameter and has no pillar support.
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