10 Lacs? Most affordable property in Bahria Town 2022

Author: Awais Kayani
Bahria Greens | Most affordable property in Bahria Town 2022

Bahria Greens

Bahria Greens is converting customers at a higher rate. One of the main reasons for such is Bahria Green being one of the only feasible and affordable precincts in the whole of Bahria Town. The Bahria Town’s Bahria Green is a high investment-friendly and high-return earning project as of yet.

Bahria Town will provide residents access to:

  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • PGA Standard 36-Hole Golf Course
  • Bahria Adventure Land
  • Dan Zoo
  • Bahria Dancing Fountains
  • Rafi Cricket Stadium
  • Sports Complex
  • Raiha Cine Gold Plex Cinemas
  • Carnival Area
  • Hypermarket
  • 5-Star Hotel

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Ground +2 Story

Buying Bahria Greens would give you a vibrant 75Sq yds of space. Bahria Greens is one of those homes that allows you to build ground + 2 stories.

This information may seem a bit new to some, but for a Bahria Greens that only has 75 Sq Yds to offer, it’s a big development.

Mostly in other cities, owning 75 sq yds of land only allows you to build ground plus one floor. Which is limiting for most people that keep the house in a fixed space. For families, that is a hard decision to go by.

Price 10-16 lacs

The Price of Bahria Greens is 16 lacs that keeps the title as one of the most affordable plots in the whole Bahria Town. Get to keep the profit over it as you can earn up to 200% in the next 5 years.

Due to future Parks and monuments plans, the Bahria Greens is a decent and yet a key area that would fetch a high price in coming years. The mentioning of different aspects and a record of a major development that is yet to come would greatly increase the investment value in near future.

Investment & Buying

For Residential purposes, you can fulfill the demand for luxury living as Bahria Green is a great project for living standards. Being close to Jinnah Avenue would increase its feasibility for the years to come.

Investment value is also high for Bahria Greens, you should expect the price to increase up to 200% as soon as the development projects get started. Also, the construction of infrastructure can keep you at a fair advantage as much demand comes from the ease of access factor, thus future increasing your investment potential.

You should Hold for 5 years if you expect a good return on Bahria Green.

Bahria Greens and its surroundings will be able to benefit from:

  • Ideal location
  • Well-planned gated community
  • Secured surroundings
  • Wide landscaped roads
  • Emergency services
  • Best schools
  • Excellent healthcare facilities
  • Area parks and mosques
  • Proximity to commercial areas

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