Buying a house is one big hassle if you're new to it an there are several cons and people ready to take advantage of your inexperience in the area. There are some essential tips and tricks that you can use to negotiate in your deals when you're buying your new house.

Do your research

Always make sure that you do a very comprehensive research of your local and neighboring areas, their price ranges, facilities, amenities, etc. Also, please pay attention to properties that had been recently sold and their closing prices. This way, you can negotiate better in the future if the time comes, and you're closing on the property in that area.

Don’t appear too keen

resist the temptations to appear too joyous if you love the house that you see. Do not be too rude, but try to appear neutral and do not be keen. Hold yourself back from being over-enthusiastic, and don't be afraid to point out the obvious drawbacks of the property, if there are any.

The estate agent’s side

Convince your real estate agent that you are willing and keen to invest in property but still do not confide in them about your budget's upper limits and desire for the house. Avoid making unrealistically low offers as they can annoy the seller and make sure you get support from the agent as much as you can.

Be chain free

It can be risky to sell your current home before you buy a new one, but you need to be as prepared as you can be. You should start doing your mortgage research and have backup plans ready in case things do not go as per your plan. Selling before buying is good as it tends to make you CHAIN FREE and makes you less vulnerable to scenarios in which people can come with a higher offer when you have closed negotiations.

Negotiate hard when necessary

Expect to negotiate down to almost 10 percent of the asking price but do not insult the seller of the house by pointing a lot of flaws and asking them to down the price because of them. Have a very keen eye for structural elements in the house, and if you think something will cost you, say so nicely.

Put your offer in writing

Sellers can like your suggestions, and so can agents; if it is accompanied by proof of your flexible completion of payments and any other helpful details, you can give them that may convince your seller that you are a suitable buyer for their house.

Don’t let refusal put you off

Be sure to communicate with the real estate agent to see if there are any other possibilities. You are most likely to see additional properties and be on the lookout or all the happenings in the real estate market.


Know your way around how to negotiate and make the right offers when you like a property. You will learn your way around this skill in some time and learn how to make reasonable offers. Try to observe all the aspects of that situation and act accordingly.

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