Perks of living in Karachi

Author: Saba Nisar
Perks of living in Karachi

The essence of Karach life is eloquently expressed by Kamila Shamsi's book Kartography:

"Bijli fails in the dead of night / Won't help to call "I need a light" / You're in Karachi now / Oh, oh you're in Karachi now. / Night is falling and you just can't see / Is this illusion or KESC / You're in Karachi now"

A common perception of metropolitan living is that it's tiring, pushing, and moving so quickly that you can't keep pace with it. Often the way you look at urban living is from a very wide lens and that's justifiable because the offering of the city is uncanny. But if you are going to ask them what it feels like to live in Karachi. Only one answer you'll receive: it's lovely. This is addicting. It is addictive. We can't move elsewhere since it's like home on Earth. Just as Karachi does.

Those that keep up with the pace, on the other hand, are the ones who finally bond with the metropolis. Karachi's lifestyle is not dominant; this is a popular and incorrect perception about Karachi, but it is also true of every major metropolis. Karachi is home to over 14.1 million people, including six major ethnic groupings. It is the country's economic center, and it has provided economic support to the country since its inception. Every metropolitan metropolis moves at a breakneck pace because it must respond to people's needs and fulfill their ambitions. Every year for other town inhabitants Karachi generates more than one lac, over 200 new enterprises are recorded annually.

Also, from a residential standpoint, Karachi is the greatest since it has always been a community-based culture, with people coming from all over the world. The city has a pleasant atmosphere, and the inhabitants are exceedingly kind in comparison to other Pakistan cities. Making it an ideal location for people to visit and live. Apart from that, the city only requires one thing: government support; catering to so many new people is not a simple task. However, the city is in desperate need of changes right now, and new policies are more important than ever for a policy-driven metropolis.

The government is not providing homes as quickly as it should be. The Prime Minister's Naya Pakistan Housing Project would benefit a small number of people, but there is no planning or follow-up from the government for such a huge scheme. During their tenure, the new administration is likely to introduce some new but restricted housing plans, but there is no room for a comprehensive solution. We need to turn to other countries for examples of how they were able to meet the housing demand while also reforming the city's living standards.

Every day, the city directs the routes of millions of people. Millions of people are employed, and countless individuals are housed. Even after collecting over half of the country's tax income, there has been little improvement in terms of housing. Karachi is a city that gives individuals a place to rest after a long trip of hard work and effort. Nothing beats the luxury of living in the city of lights. Going to the city and experiencing life at a city's pace is almost one of the greatest ambitions of regular folks. The reason for this is that city life is appealing, pleasant, and exclusive in every aspect. It meets all of your basic requirements in a practical manner. Another lens through which our region's city life is viewed is that the city is exhausting and that city life is all about competition. When comparing urban and rural lives in Pakistan, however, one is well prepared to disregard this point of view.

In terms of the fast-paced lifestyle it provides, the urban lifestyle may be extremely dominant. However, once you've become acclimated to the way of life, there's no turning back. After then, there is no other existence that can give you the same degree of comfort and acceptance. Karachi is the southern pillar of Pakistan's cultural superstructure, as well as the country's fusion since it is where various ethnic groups from throughout the country interact and participate in socio-economic activities. With a population of over 14.5 million, it is still considered the most progressive metropolis in the country. For a city like Karachi, it must keep bringing in reforms in the existing policies as well as in day-to-day governing, but sadly it is not the case.


Karachi, the beating heart of many, is suffering as a result of its erratic and poorly implemented policies and governance. But how much longer will the city's heart be subjected to such mistreatment? When will authorities realize how critical it is that Karachi receives the attention it deserves? Will Karachi be serviced in the same way as it caters to people's dreams? No one, however, has a response to any of these questions. All of this is to say that the only perks of living in Karachi are its vibrant spirit, and the way it welcomes you with open arms, providing you with a home, a job, and a diverse community. Karachi never ceases to amaze.

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