Unchained: Real Estate market of Gwadar

Author: Awais Kayani
Unchained: Real Estate market of Gwadar

Gwadar holds a name in the books of important military and economic city - that is yet to reach their full potential. The markets, the commercial avenues, the capitalist aroma, and the smoke of poverty will all come into play when the expansion reaches a final stage. One of the stages is finance and the other in Real Estate. The economy goes hand in hand which would be discussed in another topic.

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Gwadar's real estate market is the most profitable investment in our country. Gwadar's future in the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors is undeniably bright. CPEC is a major reason for Gwadar's popularity and growth.

This article covers the following notions:

  • The value Booster: CPEC
  • The Market Growth
  • The Investment Prospect

The Value Booster: CPEC

The Real estate market is mostly uplifted by the economy, especially the commercial landscape of the region, and the city. Real estate always grows with demand and linking industries. The raw materials and labor sectors are mostly linked to real estate much greater than any other sector. All of these and many other elements are now present in the state of CPEC. As far as the value of real estate goes, the CPEC is one of the greatest ‘values boosters’ a city could wish for.

CPEC, or the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, is a massive project being developed with massive Chinese investment and collaboration. It is primarily intended to develop Pakistan's infrastructure in order to strengthen business connections with China.

The $62 billion projects are known as China's largest foreign investment, and it comprises upgraded transportation networks, Gwadar deep seaport expansion, multiple commercial zones, and other energy projects.

The multiple stages of industrial zones and tax-free zones attract investors and industry giants to hold the ground there. The reliefs in taxes are the greatest attribute by the current government, a company could ask for. To industries especially to those that are exporting their products.

Gwadar also is set apart by the Prime ministers by announcing Economic Packages throughout the CPEC tenure to facilitate the locals' economic units.

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The Market Growth:

The market value has risen 135% since the last 5 years on average. The market price went from thousands to lakhs early in these few years. The prices spiked at the time of CPEC in 2015 when the plan was put into shape. For example, the price of the following Naval Anchorage property starts from 19 lacs to 90 lacs, for 5 Marla to 2 Kanals respectively.

The Market growth for the future holds a bright light. Area in GIEDA is considered to be the best short-term investment with the highest benefits in Phase 1 of the Gwadar Master Plan, notably the land near to Gwadar International Airport, due to the priority and planned growth in Gwadar Industrial Zone.

Furthermore, because this location is undergoing considerable development, commercial land on Jinnah Avenue Gwadar is one of the top open land investments with massive short-term profits.

Beach Front Open Land Investments also has a lot of potential because the Baluchistan government has recognized beaches as tourist destinations. Beachfront land can be used for beach cottages or resorts, and a few resorts have been built on-site.

The Investment Prospects of Gwadar

The port city's real estate industry is expanding with each passing day as a result of big developments in the area. Gwadar is currently known as the company center, and investors from both home and outside are interested in investing there. Gwadar housing prices have grown dramatically in recent months, according to the Gwadar development authority.

It is vital to highlight that Gwadar's infrastructure is being constructed shortly to sustain substantial development. More jobs will be created as a result of a strong infrastructure. Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is responsible for residential and commercial development in Gwadar.

Given that Gwadar is transforming into a planned Economic and Industrial Hub with a plethora of commercial and trade activities, its industrial zone is focused on early growth and employment.

Much of Gwadar's land has been taken up or reserved for government, official, and security purposes, with only 33% of the land remaining open and in demand. As a result, the price appreciation in Gwadar open land is more than in housing societies.

Several national and foreign corporations are planning to establish industries in Gwadar and at Gwadar International Airport, as well as value and growth initiatives promoting infrastructure in Gwadar Industrial Zone.

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