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By Arsal Baig - June 05,18

Do you know how many magazines in Pakistan are specifically dedicated to the real estate only? The answer is ONE! The REDBOX E-Magazine is Pakistan’s first and only electronic magazine that is for the real estate interested masses. The REDBOX is the publisher of this e-mag. REDBOX is one of the foremost property portals in Pakistan with thousands of properties from all over Pakistan. It is the prestige of REDBOX to publish this e-mag on a daily basis. Though this free online magazine is dedicated to the real estate but it also contains much more things so that everyone can find their pieces of interest. Want to know more? Read the next lines then.

Start with the ALMIGHTY

To keep our religious traditions and values alive, the REDBOX E-Mag start with the words of the ALLAH (S.W.T) and his Last Holy Messenger (P.B.U.H). Being the first online commercial real estate magazine in Pakistan the REDBOX is well aware of our culture and heritage. Just like every other task has been ordered to start with the words of the Almighty, in the same way, if we also start our E-Mag with the verses of the Holy Book Quraan Shareef and with the blessed words of our Final Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Property Information

After starting the magazine with the blessed words now we get straight onto the topic. As we said that the REDBOX E-Mag is Pakistan’s only real estate online magazine so containing news regarding property and real estate are obvious. Our correspondence from all over Pakistan and the world gather all the relevant information. Then our editors verify and refine all the news and after checking its authenticity, then we publish these reports and news in our magazine. Here you can find all the important updates in the real estate world. We compile our magazine with the property news from every corner of the country that is why you can also call us real estate magazine Karachi, real estate magazine Lahore, real estate magazine Islamabad, real estate magazine Rawalpindi.


A magazine without the words from the experts of the field is nothing but just some words arranged in an order. That is why the REDBOX E-Mag includes the articles of different analysts, experts and intellectuals based on different topics including real estate. These articles include all the relevant information that any realtor would require. Our article writers are specially guided to keep their article up to date so our readers would get an opportunity to know everything as it happens.

Property Inventories

As you know that the REDBOX is one of the biggest property portals in Pakistan that is why we receive the information about vacant properties from all over the country on a daily basis. The number of the inventories varies that depends on the properties that we receive through our website visitors. The details in the inventories include the name of the project, the size of the area and its price that we verify through our trusted realtors. This information makes our online real estate magazine a custom magazine for realtors who want to know the property rates from all over Pakistan while sitting on their sofa.

Horoscope, Emergency Numbers and Much More

To get things on the lighter side at the end of our magazine, we include those sections which are digestible for all. At the end of the REDBOX E-Mag, we include the sections that can tell you about your future which we knew as a horoscope. In case of emergency, it is important to know the numbers on which you can contact and get help. So you can also find emergency numbers of different government departments like police, fire brigade and hospitals. Furthermore, we also include some entertainment news that makes our branded real estate magazine as one magazine for all.


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