Rejecting New Taxes 2021

Author: Awais Kayani
Rejecting New Taxes 2021, Third Amendment

The new tax laws in the Third amendment bill 2021 were presented to Senate’s standing committee for approval and recommendation.

The recommendation was to be based on the number of majority of votes by the current senate standing committee. The tax laws were presented on Thursday on the subject of finance.

The committee was led by the chairmanship of Talha Mehmood of Jamiat Ulema-I-Islam. The committee rejected a few taxation laws on majority ruling. The committee rejected the following Tax laws amendments:

  1. To disconnect the electricity and gas supply connections of traders that are not registered for sales tax.
  2. To add 14% tax on import of re-meltable scrap if imported by steel-melters.
  3. Giving the power to tax authority to disable mobile phones or mobile phone SIMS if the person does not appear on the active tax player list (ATL) and also issue an income tax general order.
  4. Omission of prosecution for unauthorized disclosure of information by a public servant.
  5. Additional advance tax from professionals not appearing on the active taxpayer list.

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Although these tax laws are one of the different ways the government thought of generating revenue, however many people feel like the government is trying to push luck and make the “most out of” this situation of chaos in Pakistan.

As per Senator Mohsin Aziz

“It’s a way of harassment,”

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