Taylor Swift $81 Million Worth of Mansions

Author: Awais Kayani
Taylor Swift’s 81 million Dollar Worth of Real Estate

Taylor Swift is a popular celebrity. A platinum-selling artist already had achieved much in her early career. However, that didn’t stop her from being a real estate mogul.

What is Taylor Swift’s Real Estate Net Worth?

She owns homes in four different states. From Beverly Hills, Newyork, Rhodes Island, and Nashville. With a total of $81 Million worth of property investment according to Trulia.

Her real estate documentary “Miss America” was dropped on Netflix that oversees her property ventures. She most recently purchased a condo in Tribeca in 2018. She was also spotted in London looking for real estate as well according to page six.

Taylor Swift - A Dream Celebrity

Taylor Swift is remarkable and a genius in her music career, but that doesn’t stop her from expanding her net worth and net worth in real estate. She invested more in real estate than anyone else at her age.

Taylor Swift has a networth of over $360 Million. She has her huge chunk of investment settled in Real Estate. This makes her investment portfolio above the rest of her celebrity peers. With her $81 Million above investment in four different states of real estate across the US. With her 7 Properties in 4 states to be exact, according to brand finance.

In August, she was looking for real estate in London in a $30 Million price range, as reported on page six. The London purchase was mainly due to Taylor Swift wanting to be near her boyfriend of three years, British actor Joe Alwyn.

"Taylor is looking for a grand home in London with two kitchens, so she and Joe can live in privacy and entertain properly," a source told Page Six.

"They've been splitting their time between [his native] London and [her home in] Nashville."

Here’s a brief overview of Taylor Swift’s Real Estate. Source Business Insider by Trulia

Taylor Swift real estate map list


Taylor Swift house Nashville

Taylor Swift bought her Nashville estate by the age of 21 years old. She has over two properties in Nashville, knowing her and her music career starting from here, in Nashville Tennessee.

A $3 Million dollar condo is branded as an industrial-style feature, with a skyline view of midtown Nashville.

Los Angeles

Taylor Swift Beverly Hills mansion

Taylor Swift is renovating the Goldwyn estate as her proposal to be a historical landmark. Beautifully decorated and surrounded by nature. It’s a lush green, mountain, pool with a different mod style single-story home that is light and airy.

This property is worth $30 Million, which is probably one of the most expensive properties in her real estate portfolio.

Rhode Island

taylor swift rhode island home

Other than Nashville, and Beverly Hills, she owns a different place where she calls it Home. Taylor Swift owns a good coastal Real estate with a seaside view in Watch Hill, Rhodes Island. This property is valued at $6.65 Million.

New York City

Taylor Swift's townhouse at 153 Franklin St. in Tribeca.

Taylor Swift pursued two adjacent penthouses in the Tribeca building and renovated them into one large duplex penthouse. In an estimated value of $20.5 Million.

There may be much more she would do in the coming years. So, the question is, what's Next?

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