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With the evolution of Gwadar Port, a lot of property investors started to rush towards Balochistan. There were a number of housing projects initiated with the best deals. Through CPEC, this proved to be the hub of all the trade activities, and this is how; it proved to be an important part of the real estate industry the country. The important housing schemes of new city Gwadar will be discussed further.


In 2017, Naval Anchorage Gwadar was introduced. The major sponsors in this project were Pakistan Navy Benevolent Association which has a trusted reputation of developing quality based housing projects. The location of this project is Rakhshan Avenue & Coastal Highway. There are a lot of reasons why you should invest in this housing project such as the prestigious background of Pakistan Navy, demand in the market, safety in investment and much more.


Spread over the area of about 1000 kanals, Gwadar Golf City is located in the suburbs of Balochistan. Under the governance of Bilal Malik, the grandson of the creator of Bahria Town, Gwadar Golf City is expected to provide the same perks as a lavish housing scheme. The developer shave announced that this project will have replicas of all the Seven Wonders of the World. This project is expected to have prime security systems installed.


Canadian City Gwadar is approved from GDA and is located on Makran Coastal Highway. The total area allotted for this project is 310 acres. The development work of this project is currently under process. The residential property which is present here ranges from 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanals. There are important perks of this project such as central location, an approved plan of the project, fast developmental work and an excellent marketing team.


Green Palms Gwadar is planned on the total area of about 248 acres. This is a masterpiece of the living societies which are being planned in the Gwadar. The introduction of a luxurious lifestyle is introduced in Green Palms Gwadar. There are a lot of perks in this project such as legal housing plan, location near the naval anchorage, speedy development and reasonable price tags. These qualities make this project so appealing to the buyers.


Kings Park Gwadar is planned to be on an area of about 129 acres. The main location of this project is on Mouza Ankara Shumali. The construction has begun and the society is aiming to give to the full possession of the homes to the owners in 2 years. There are residential as well as commercial plots offered to the people living in this place which gives off about 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 and 2 Kanal property.


Gwadar Central is located in the heart of Makran Coastal Highway, Sarwan Avenue, and Buleda Avenue. It is not said to be a big project but it covers all the important aspects which are needed in a good and developed housing project. The master plan of Gwadar Central shows that a large area has been saved for commercial property and high rise buildings which would also help this place to be a commercial hub.

These were some of the housing schemes of the new Gwadar city which are ready to be sold to the common public. These schemes provide flexible payment plans and other services to the public which encourages people to buy their homes as well as commercial properties in this specified area. 


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