The possibilities for the change

By Arsal Baig - April 02,18

There has been a downfall in the real estate market in Pakistan due to the various reasons for the past
two years, we have noticed. The most valid reason could be the ill policies by the Government and the
continuous decline in the economy.
After the latest elections result, we all know that the new government is soon planning to take over the
charge of the country. Our expectations are high, and we hope that our upcoming Finance Minister will
implement the friendly laws for the real estate sector to bring back the certainty of the real estate
sector. We hope that he properly educate the realtors about the benefits of being a taxpayer as we all
are collaborating for the country’s economy.
We have witnessed the positivity from the market soon after the election results. The dollar has a
drastic fall resulting in the high rise of the stock exchange market. We are very sure that these are the
signs what we are looking for!
Being the favorite choice of overseas Pakistanis investors have put in a lot of trusts on the shoulders of
Imran Khan. Also, it is expected that the overseas investment will be reinstated in Pakistan from now on,
especially in the real estate sector.
With all these new improvements this would be the perfect time to put resources into the land advertise
as the rates are nearly at the absolute bottom and we can see the descending action in the market also.
These signs contributed to the fact that in the expected circumstances, the land market will develop and
the costs will begin to go upwards simultaneously.


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