Author: Saba Nisar
Rise in the price of Gold

As of today, the price of gold has skyrocketed and news of gold has taken the market by surprise, as people had been expecting the price of gold to come down from this point due to the recent excessive rise in the value of money. Not only is this news likely to have a negative impact, but it also comes as a surprise now that the Covid-19 restriction has been lifted because the situation is under control.

According to a report by Redbox News, the bullion market witnessed a dramatic increase in buying and selling of gold during the second trading week of the business week on Tuesday. Due to investor interest and buying and selling, the price of gold rose by 7 % per tola in the global market, after which the price reached 17 1755 per ounce.

According to Muhammad Arshad, Chairman, All Pakistan Jewelers Manufacturers Association After the increase in the market, the local barter markets across Pakistan will record a total increase of Rs 1469 in gold prices.

People have expressed their displeasure with news of price increases in virtually everything, such as the sharp spike in gold prices last week. The news, on the other hand, has been positive for people who have placed money into gold as an investment.


Miners sell gold for greater money when the cost of manufacturing is high so that they can keep their earnings. This is the price at which gold is sold in the market. When economic conditions make gold more appealing, demand rises, resulting in a rise in gold's price.

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