The waiting game at the M-9 Motorway is over

Author: Saba Nisar
The waiting game at the M-9 Motorway is over

A legend once said, "It is not the journey that exhausts me; it is the wait at the toll plaza that drives me insane."

Great news for the visitors of the M-9 motorway as the working of artificial intelligence (AI) at the toll collection counter has started. The wait of all the tired visitors has come to an end as the process of artificial intelligence (AI) has replaced the counterman. It is expected that the queue will no longer be as long, and guests will be able to continue their journey to the city of lights without interruption or waiting in line.

According to sources, The process of collecting toll tax from drivers of vehicles on Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway M-9 has officially started under the Artificial Intelligence System (AIS).

Not only that this installment will safe the time of the people, but also the residents of Karachi will be freed of any sort of queue exhaustion that they may use to feel.

According to Motorway M-9 management authorities, a new system has been implemented at toll plazas in Hyderabad, and Karachi, and other interchanges that have begun trial operations.


When a car approaches the toll plaza gate, it is not halted, but the newest artificial intelligence cameras photograph the vehicle, license plate, and occupants. When it approaches a toll tax gate, the automated camera compares it to the image obtained from the entry gate and notifies the counter clerk about the toll tax amount by calculating the distance traveled by the vehicle. The toll plaza exit gate swings open.

Under this system, when any vehicle enters the gate of the toll plaza, it is not stopped but the latest artificial intelligence cameras take pictures of the vehicle, number plate, and occupants. As soon as it reaches any toll tax gate, the automatic camera compares it to the picture taken from the entrance gate and informs the counter clerk about the toll tax amount by determining the distance covered by the vehicle, the amount would be paid. The toll plaza exit gate opens.

It should be mentioned that on other highways around the country, the same task is done by hand with the assistance of electronic slips.

Karachites and their happiness meters are one-of-a-kinds.

This announcement of the installation of artificial intelligence toll tax collection at the Hyderabad-Karachi toll plaza, which is regarded as the busiest toll plaza, is nothing short of a triumph since they will no longer have to wait in a huge queue on the motorway.

Now you may visit Bahria Town Karachi, DHA City, or any other housing scheme on nooriabad anytime, explore all the eateries available on M-9 without any delay or excuses of a long queue.

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