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Discover all of the projects available for investment on SuperHighway and see how they rank in terms of development and pricing in this blog

"Superhighway projects are the most exclusive projects for investment in the whole Karachi region since they have shown tremendous progress."

Real estate investment and success go hand in hand. Getting rich does not need a person to use the few roadways that fate provides, nor does it necessitate a person to be exceptionally bright. So, how do you become wealthy? It's simple to figure out how to spend money in the best possible way at the right time. It necessitates prudent investment and is the safest option for investment in real estate. However, for Karachi the case is different. In a crowded city like Karachi investment has lately become extremely expensive.

Therefore, investors and traders have started to recommend people to move towards the superhighway for investment. The area is in the midst of being developed, it presents an investment opportunity unlike any area of Karachi.

SuperHighway Housing Scheme is moving at an alarmingly fast pace. In this same spot a decade ago, there was a wide expanse of sand spanning as far as the eye could see. However, advancements in these areas have shown how to work in the real estate industry is truly done. The thing about this area in relation to the rest of the country is that it was created with methodical and solid planning.

In any event, the cause for the rapid development as well as the planned investment procedure has increased as a result of the Malir expressway tender being passed within two years.


The development that the few projects based on SuperHighway have shown is extraordinary, and the project that is at the top of the list is Bahria Town. Bahria Town Karachi first opened its doors in 2007, and since then, it has grown tremendously and delivered multiple projects.

Bahria Town Karachi on SuperHighway is identified as safe, secure, and high-quality living. The mastery and realization of Bahria Town's grand vision of urban planning is no longer a closely guarded secret. With its cutting-edge design, international standard facilities, strategic location, and flexible payment options.

Bahria Town Karachi has quickly attracted a significant number of residents and foreigners looking for comfort and luxury in Karachi. Furthermore, there are a few Bahria Town developments that stand out and speak for themselves.


DHA City comes second on the list. Another project based on SuperHighway , DHA City Karachi, a housing development. The project covers an area of 11,640 acres. The town, which is 56 kilometers from Karachi, is designed to be water and electrical self-sufficient. The master plan for the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) was announced in 2011, with building costs estimated at $1 billion and plans for two amusement parks, one hospital, one university, 20 colleges, and 40 schools. The project is yet another excellent investment opportunity with a high probability of success.


Another great project based on SuperHighway is ASF City. ASF City is a project of the ASF (Airport Security) Foundation, planned in an area of more than 3000 acres is strategically placed adjacent to Bahria Town Karachi.

ASF Smart City is going is one of the most leading residential projects shortly. Real Estate experts at Redbox recommend it to the people who wish to invest in low-cost investment and want greater results.

ASF City Residential Plots for Sale are seen as a great investment opportunity, and residents will have access to a variety of facilities. Commercial plots, residential plots, and mixed-use land are all available for purchase in ASF. Plots of 80, 125, 250, and 500 square yards are available for investment in ASF Smart City.


Bin Ahsan Green City is yet another fantastic investment opportunity on the SuperHighway. A gated ecologically responsible society is located 1.5 kilometers within the Saari interchange, which is accessible from both sides of the road. A one-of-a-kind project that offers every contemporary comfort at the lowest possible cost. Bin Ahsan is encouraging local and international traders, buyers, and investors to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by providing competitive prices.

Bin Ahsan's project is the most remarkable of them all since the rates Bin Ahsan is giving are extremely inexpensive in comparison to the other projects. Residents of Bin Ahsan Green City will have access to all modern-day amnesties, a standard lifestyle, and enough security in the future. Moreover, all of Bin Ahsan's necessary NOCs and certifications are in place, and the building has already begun.

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Commander City in Karachi is another stop on the SuperHighway. This commander city housing society's phase 1 takes about 100 acres of land. What distinguishes this project from others is that it offers completely completed houses, flats, and plots on flexible payment plans. The housing complex is located on the M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, with well-known developments such as Bahria Town, Karachi, DHA City, Karachi, ASF Housing Scheme, Karachi Golf City, and others. In reality, Commander City, Karachi is located between Gadap Town and Nooriabad, approximately 40 kilometers from the toll plaza. The project is another exceptional investment opportunity.


Top projects for investment as well as for residence have been addressed in the preceding article. It is strongly advised that you invest in these schemes since the value of these assets is expected to explode in the near future. Our realtors have given us the most recent information on all of the SuperHighway Projects. These representatives have answered all of our precious investors' questions on the Bahria Town market, ASF City, DHA City, Bin Ahsan Green City, and Commander City. Because of their thorough knowledge of the area, the professionals provided detailed responses to each assumption.

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