There has been a lot of talk about DHA Quetta. The files are soon to be launched and people are expecting a lot from this housing project. This is going to be the biggest housing development in Baluchistan. Different reliable sources have updated the major details, and there are many perks which can be expected from DHA Quetta. Taking lessons from DHA City Karachi; there are a lot of services which would also be provided in DHA Quetta. The standards of DHA are never compromised. This ground is highly being prepared for the investors around the globe.


There have been various forward movements for the land acquisition process. It has been reported from sources that there are no issues yet to be found. The sources could not confirm for us that exactly how much land is planned to be acquired by DHA but it is confirmed that it would be able to launch all its affidavit files. There are many phases which DHA City will undergo as it is the first important housing project which is being launched in Quetta. This society has a long and prosperous way to go!


There are other questions which relate to the location of DHA City. However; the final location is never given out until all the planning and paperwork has been completed by the authorities. But in May, the details of the Mouzas was announced by DHA. The places included Tor Ragha, Hanna, Sra Khula, Sra Ghurghai, Chashma Achozai, Chashma Baleli, Mehtarzai, Malazai, Samali, Kateer and some areas which are currently inhabited on Shaban Road till the area of Shamzai Dam. Many people are unaware of these Mouzas so it becomes clear that these are located near Kuchlak Circle and Durrani-2 Circle.


There are not a lot of real estate agents in Quetta which makes it difficult to make deals and deliver information to people regarding the buy and sell of properties here. This is why; all the processes regarding this will move to Karachi for all the documentation. This is also one of the major projects which are going to gain peace for the people of Baluchistan which is considered to be long lost by the people. There is an expectation of the investment from the people which will help in the growth of this company.


DHA is known to be one of the finest projects in Pakistan and this fact has made it trustable. After CPEC, it is expected to be one of the most inspirational projects because it will be able to give residence to some people and it will also be a commercial success as it would be providing a way for a lot of national and international business. There is careful planning in DHA Baluchistan which will be able to get the attention of a number of people. This has made this project acceptable for people in great ways.
In the end; DHA Quetta is expected to be one of the greatest residential options for people in Balochistan as it is one of the first projects which will cover residential and commercial prospects of development in this region. People would be surely encouraged to invest in this project as it is one of the finest developments which is expected to have a lot of perks and services. DHA City is an excellent example which will continue and will be developed quickly so that investors come forward and invest their money for various residential and commercial options.
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