What to expect from DHA Quetta?

By Admin - February 11,19

Over the years; there has been a lot of suffering in Quetta because of the unfortunate circumstances in the entire province. This is one of the major reasons why the real estate and property sector of this province has not been able to develop yet. Although there are not much of the changes expected in the future; there is still hope in the shape of DHA Quetta. DHA is known to be one of the largest real estate developments currently present in the country. In Quetta; it is moving on a fast pace to welcome the residents with complete property possession and international standards of living.


There has been confidence shown by Business and Real Estate Community, and they hope that this place will be launched sooner than usual.  It is expected to be the second project initiated by the Armed Forces in the province of Balochistan which is why; it can be expected that it will be based on international standards of living as well as the other projects of DHA such as security, schools, colleges, proper infrastructure, and impressive architecture and so on. This project can be expected to be the doppelganger of DHA City Karachi which is another successful real estate demonstration in the country.


There is no place specified for the location of DHA Quetta and no real estate project announces the location before it has been finalized. There are still speculations that DHA Quetta will be someplace near the Quetta Airport. It has also been planned that the groundwater should be sufficient in the area where this society is going to be constructed. Sources tell us that it is going to be somewhere near the northwestern or eastern part of the city where Mangi Dam or Spin Karez Dam is located.


There is uniqueness found in every society. In Balochistan, this is the first project planned by DHA which is also one of the most trusted real estate developments because of its name. It will be a helping hand for the Western Route developed for CPEC, i.e. China Pakistan Economic Corridor. There is a lot of strategic value of this society, and the authorities are ready to deal with any kind of difficulties. There is a large number of applications already being received for DHA Quetta which demonstrates that people are looking forward to this project to be launched.


Like DHA City Karachi, it is expected that DHA Quetta will also be a sign of sustainable development. DHA is known to respect the natural bounties and regenerate the energy resources from wind and sunlight. If the same step is taken in Quetta; it will be a sign of prosperity for people as the environment will also be kept safe like this. It is expected to be recalled as one of the riskiest yet successful real estate projects of the country.

In the end; there are not many real estate projects in Balochistan right now. DHA Quetta will be a ray of hope in the developmental prospects of the country. The development is happening very fast, and it will be welcoming people to live in it real soon. There is a lot to expect regarding the maintenance of standards of the society which will allow people to feel safe in a residential project. As soon as the location is declared, it would be revealed to the people so that they get a clear idea about the project. For the people of Quetta; this is the best chance to avail maximum betterment in their living standards.


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