Why everyone is investing in ASF City?

ASF City is a highlighted project which had been initiated by ASF Foundation. It has aimed to be the most important development of the country as its development is laid by the armed forces. The main sponsors of this project are the ASF Foundation.
The total area occupied by ASF City right now is 3,009 acres. This project is developed on economic standards along with the maintenance of high developmental standards for the residents of the project. There are various residential plots, luxury plots and apartments and bungalows available for citizens on reliable installment plans. Let’s discuss some reasons which are important to let you know why everyone is investing in ASF City!


There are a lot of features as well as facilities available in ASF City which proves to be the important reasons to invest in ASF City such as;
• Developed and equipped security systems with trained guards of ASF Foundation.
• Gated and secure community.
• Schools (for every block) and colleges.
• Health facilities, hospitals & shopping malls.
• 24hour power back up systems.
• Payment Plans according to your requirements.
• High-standard design, architecture and infrastructure.
• Community Clubs & Mosques.
These were some of the important perks in ASF City which can persuade the buyers to invest in this project.


The categories in which plots are divided in ASF City are;
• 125 sq. yards
• 250 sq. yards
• 500 sq. yards
There are about 10 blocks in total in which these plots are thoroughly divided such as;
Abu Bakr Block Neelam Block
Umar Block Naltar Block
Usman Block Naran Block
Ali Block Bilal Block
Jafar Block Qarni Block
These blocks have different residential and commercial plots which can be sold on the basis of the requirements and needs of consumers. There are also other advancements such as mosques, civic center, commercial areas, schools, colleges, hospitals etc.


As ASF City is created by armed forces; there is extraordinary reputational support for this project. Real estate sector is known to be the riskiest business in Pakistan and people do not trust the realtors or new housing projects for their investments.
For buying new homes; it was necessary to have a housing project which does not suffer from any damage in terms of its reputation. ASF City proved to be a reliable option for people who are choosing to buy a home in Pakistan in current conditions.


The property is extremely attractive as it does not lack any quality or perks which are expected in a good housing project. ASF City is full of services which are there to fascinate the buyers. The location is extremely safe and secure so all the fears of the people reduced when they try to find a suitable property.
Other than that; this property has all the daily-life facilities so that your health, education, and transportation does not get correlated. ASF City has a proper infrastructure which would satisfy you with a safe and satisfying transportation system to travel from one place of the community to another.


ASF City is located near Super Highway, 20km from Toll Plaza. Present extremely near the city of lights; this place will still keep you safe from the hustles of city life. More than 40 thousand people migrate to Karachi every single month and this is how; this city has become the 6th largest city in the world, regarding population.
In these circumstances; the personal space and security are affected. As a reaction; people have started preferring to live in gated communities. ASF City fulfills the needs and requirements of the people by turning this place on their own terms.


If you are living in Karachi, or even near this city, you must have never got out of the house with an expensive phone, a good car, or any valuables. Being a gated community; ASF City will release you from these barriers and provide you full-time support concerning your security.
ASF City also makes sure that there are guards outside your property 24/7 to guard you and protect you if any danger is expected. ASF City proves to be an exceptional housing project for the people who believe that security systems are the top-most priority.
In the extremely competitive environment; it is important to have a housing project which can be trusted. ASF City is one of the best projects in the real estate sector which is offering all the facilities which are important for a person to have in his locality. All the blocks have hundreds of plots of different sizes and price rates. It is the gift of ASF Foundation which is given to the citizens of Pakistan in the shape of a harmonious gated community named as, ASF City.
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