REDBOX aims to provide you with the most prestigious properties in the golden lands of Gwadar. Coast Way Residency Gwadar brings you multiple residential and commercial properties where you can invest in and gain multiple amenities along with your property. Coast Way Residency Gwadar location is the best in terms of being near all the important landmarks such as the beach is only 1.5 km away from society. Commercial property in Coastway Residency Gwadar is also situated on the essential locations of Baluchistan Broadway and Kech Avenue.


Being Gwadar Property Dealers with an excellent track record, REDBOX recommends you to invest in Coast Way Residency Gwadar to secure your future! Living in a place as prestigious as Gwadar is the dream of every person and we make it possible for you to invest in a society like Coastway Gwadar.

Coast Way Gwadar Hospital
Coast Way Gwadar Mosque

Strategic Location for Commercial Purposes

The project is situated at the benefiting location of Baluchistan Broadway. This is a commercially hit situation as there are many commercial plots in Coastway Gwadar which can help you in being among the successful business ventures in Gwadar.

Coast Way Gwadar Restaurant
Coast Way Gwadar Park
Coast Way Gwadar Shopping Mall
Coast Way Gwadar Swiming Pool

Popularity of Gwadar in Pakistan!

Gwadar has already become famous for it's future money-making endeavors. There are many residential plots in Coastway Gwadar where you can start a life with your family in upcoming years. Be happy with all the benefits which come along with your home.

Coast Way Gwadar Play Area


1 Total Area: 234 Acres
2 Categories: Residential and Commercial Plots
3 Residential Plot Sizes: 125, 250 & 400 sq. yards.
4 Commercial Plot Sizes: 100 & 200 sq. yards.
5 Price: Starting from 12 lacs.


Coastway Residency Gwadar Builders is a well-reputed name in the region. Coastway Builders and Developers progressed this project with all the amenities where numerous plots are for sale in Gwadar.


This project holds a valid NOC by the Gwadar Development Authority, which is why investment in Gwadar is in the favor of the buyers. The development work of the project is in progress. That is why it is vital to buy land in this project. It will not fail to act upon its promises that have been made.


The starting prices in Coastway Residency Gwadar is 12 lacs. You can opt the method of feasible installment plans, or you can even go for the option of full cash payment. There are numerous options for you in this society in residential and commercial plots through which there are multiple investment doors open for you. Gwadar is considered as the land of definite future profits to be doubled. You should not lose a golden opportunity to invest in this part of the country!


Here are some questions which we usually get about the project. Most of the people come up to us with these questions about this project. So, here we have all the important questions answered for you. If you have any more questions, you can always ask us by contacting us.

About Coastway Residency Gwadar

We bring you the golden opportunity to invest in a lavish housing society in Gwadar! Coast Way Residency Gwadar will provide you with multiple amenities for a perfect lifestyle. We can also arrange for you to buy a commercial plot in Gwadar as this project offers commercial properties as well! Having a valid NOC from Gwadar Development Authority, this project will provide you with the best residential options so that you can lead a prosperous life with various luxuries.

Commercial Impact

Based on the area of about 234 acres, this society holds a valid NOC proving its worth and legality to satisfy you about it. This project is open for booking with the availability of necessary resources such as electricity, gas, and water. These are the most critical opportunities for investing in such a place. One cannot argue with the future commercial prospects of Gwadar as it is assumed to be one of the best upcoming properties by many experts around the globe.

Plot Details

Project is situated at the prime location on Broadway Baluchistan and at the mouth of Persian Gulf. In this project, you can buy 125, 250 and 400 sq. yards residential plots & 100 and 200 sq. yards commercial plots on Baluchistan Broadway and Kech Avenue. This location is extremely strategic in terms of buying. These plots are approved by GDA and available on affordable price ranges. We assure you that you will live a happy life in such a prestigious society in Gwadar with multiple amenities.


Gwadar Residential Plots are available on affordable price ranges and promises a luxurious lifestyle for you in the near future! Being Gwadar Property Dealers with an excellent track record, REDBOX recommends you to invest in Coast Way Residency Gwadar to secure your future! It is so important to invest your money in the right society as it is expected to give you future returns. You can gain the best opportunities by investing your money in Coastway Residency Gwadar.

Payment Plan

Plots for sale in Coastway Gwadar are available in various sizes. You can either buy your plot on full cash or installment plans of 3 years. This project is attracting a considerable amount of audience to itself and urging people to buy plots in Gwadar! It includes all the amenities, which makes the whole society extremely lavish. The payment plan of Coastway residency Gwadar is divided through a proper systematic approach through which it will become easy for you to invest as per your schedules.

Registration Process and Needed Documents

Contact REDBOX for registering for Coast Way Residency Gwadar. REDBOX provides you will with all the property related solutions when you are looking for safe investments and luxurious homes! We understand the residential and commercial needs of our clients and offer them the best of the best opportunities. You can register and get a plot registered by Gwadar Development Authority at affordable price ranges. REDBOX will take care of all the processes for your ultimate flexibility.

Neighboring Landmarks of Coastway Residency

Coast Way Residency Gwadar is located at the strategic location of Baluchistan Broadway. It is about 2km away from the Beach in Gwadar which makes this place so special to live in. As per Gwadar property rates 2019, it is the perfect time to invest in this area and make arrangements to build a home of your dreams! You can gain quick access to the exotic beaches of Gwadar from your residency in no time. Coastway Residency Gwadar is also situated near the main roads of the town to make it easy.

Why should you choose Gwadar and Coastway Residency for Investing Your Money?

Coast Way Residency Gwadar is located at Mouza Chatti North (Shumali) and is going to be one of the most successful projects by Coast Way Builders and Developers Gwadar. The builders of this project also offer this project on multiple installment plans as well as full payment. You should invest your money in Coast Way Residency Gwadar due to affordable price ranges and multiple facilities available at your doorstep. This project also ensures your 24/7 security to make you feel safe.

Life in Coastway Residency Gwadar

This project built by Coastway Builders is filled with all the resources of a good housing project. Apart from this, it also has a number of other facilities such as greenery, hospital, separate parks, broad roads, school, colleges, and mosques, etc. This is how; your life will shine in Coast Way Residency Gwadar! You will lead a fascinating and luxurious life in Coast Way Residency Gwadar due to the facilitation which will be provided to you along with the plot. It is the safest investment for you and your family.

Payment Schedule

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Mode of Pyament (Residential) On Booking Monthly Installment Yearly Installment On Possession Total Amount
125 Sq.yds 360,000 12,000 x 36 100,000 x 3 108,000 1,200,000
250 Sq.yds 690,000 26,000 150,000 x 3 224,000 2,300,000
400 Sq.yds 1,080,000 40,000 x 36 250,000 x 3 330,000 3,600,000
Mode of Pyament (Commercial) / Broadway Balochistan On Booking Monthly Installment Yearly Installment On Possession Total Amount
100 Sq.yds 1,350,000 50,000 x 36 300,000 x 3 450,000 4,500,000
200 Sq.yds 2,700,000 100,000 x 36 500,000 x 3 1,200,000 9,000,000
Mode of Pyament (Commercial) / KECH Avenue On Booking Monthly Installment Yearly Installment On Possession Total Amount
100 Sq.yds 750,000 30,000 x 36 150,000 x 3 220,000 2,500,000
200 Sq.yds 1,800,000 80,000 x 36 300,000 x 3 420,000 6,000,000