Construction Management Courses

Construction Management course will deliver prosperous tactics of the construction industry. The industry is significantly rising and the professionals need to boost their businesses using effective and strategical decision making. Hence, this course is including details of the entire construction management process. In the construction management course, learners will understand the challenges faced by the construction industry. Moreover, they will get vision of the innovations in the industry.

Topics We Cover

Introduction to Construction Industry

Basics of Construction and Manufacturing Industry, Challenges of the Construction Management Industry and Future of the Construction industry.

Roles and Responsibilities of Construction Manager

Plan for good acquisition, lead in conceptual development, organize in benchmark performance and control after providing services.

Equipment Planning & Management

Make apposite planning for the equipment and other goods, Manage inflow and outflow of the cash used in the construction management process.

Environment, Health and Safety of Construction Processes

Health and Environment regulations, Models of safety measurement, Practices of safety measures in Pakistan.

Technology Trends in Construction

Forthcoming trends in construction management, implementation of new technologies at the local and international level.

International View of Construction Projects

Advancements in construction management industry, global trend of construction, benchmarking the local or international footprints.

Course Details

1 Course Name: Construction Management course
2 Course Length: 6 weeks
3 Course Duration: 24 hours
4 Instructor (s): Tabassum Iqbal
5 Course fee: -
6 Who Should Attend: Professionals belong to construction businesses, realtors, Investors in real estate, engineers.
7 Status: Close