Digital Marketing Workshop

The Digital Marketing Workshop is planned for giving off its influence in the real estate industry. The real estate business gets success with their exposure towards social media and ranking their websites on Google. Thus, this course will make learners to improve their knowledge of digital marketing and its appropriate implementation in property management businesses. The learners will also be able to understand the trends of digital media with the help of this course.

Topics We Cover

Entrepreneurial Skills

Learn to manage yourself in the personal as well as professional life, business laws, global aspects of management, managing finance & HR.

Marketing Management for Real Estate

Modern tactics and principles in Marketing, Managing sales and advertisements, International business processes, Research and trends.

Digital Marketing for Realtors

Role of digital marketing in real estate industry, advancements in digital trends, social media and its effectiveness in real estate marketing.

Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Learn different models of trading, developing marketing tactics to get into competition, modern means of payment & impact of Economy.

Global Real Estate Overview

Global aspects of doing real estate business, comparison between local and international real estate business context.

Real Estate Laws Overview

Legal issues in property dealing, laws and their implementations in real estate businesses and effectiveness of involving realtors in buying properties.

Course Details

1 Course Name: Real Estate Digital Marketing Workshop
2 Course Length: 6 weeks
3 Course Duration: 24 hours
4 Instructor (s):
5 Dates: 2nd Week of November
6 Course fee: -
7 Who Should Attend: Professionals from allied sector such as bankers, insurers, financers, marketers etc.
Realtors & real estate owners. Students want to start their career in real estate.
8 Status: Close