Global Real Estate

Internationally, industries are grooming with technological advancement. Similarly, the significance of real estate has grown tremendously in the economy. In order to generate local competition, professionals would have to understand the international aspects of doing real estate business. Learners will understand the innovation in real estate. The international competition aspects will also get explored for the professionals and they will be able to mirage unique ideas for the real estate enterprises.

Topics We Cover

Global comparative view of real estate investment

Understand real estate investment in the global environment, comparison of investing locally and internationally.

Main drivers of real estate values across countries

Enhancing knowledge of investments, usage of currencies at the international level, types of trading commodities for the real estate business exchange.

International real estate forecasting

Future trends of real estate businesses, research on the global property management competition, innovation in real estate industry.

Key determinants of construction costs and the value of land and location

Learn estimating cost of the land, researching for the location of the property, factors for identifying property value.

International Real Estate Laws (RERA)

Real estate laws established globally, documents required for buying and selling of properties globally, counterfeit in real estate business.

Skills required to successfully build a global real estate portfolio

Improve your abilities to develop real estate business, factors of success in real estate business, directions in the real estate business competition globally.

Course Details

1 Course Name: Global Real Estate
2 Course Length: 6 weeks
3 Course Duration: 24 hours
4 Instructor (s): Shakil Ahmed Anwer
5 Dates: TBA
6 Course fee: -
7 Who Should Attend: Students want to commence career in property management business, Property management professionals, Corporate professionals i.e. Banker, Insurance, Finance.
8 Status: Close