Largest Project Of Bahria Town Khalid Bin Waleed Tower

Bahria Town has commenced several projects for the residents. You have another opportunity in the form of Khalid Bin Waleed Tower in Bahria Town Karachi. It has built on an area of 2 acres. This tower is known as the largest project of Bahria Town Karachi due to the number of floors in it. There are 30 floors projected for this building. These apartments are one of the most luxurious apartments in Bahria Town Karachi. It includes three-bedroom apartments and four-bedroom apartments in it. Khalid Bin Waleed’s 2 Bedroom Apartments are separated in 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. Desirable two bedrooms corner apartments in Bahria Town are available within this project.

Features Of The Project

The project has initiated in Precinct 1 crossing Carnival of the Bahria Town. The apartment is very close to the entrance gate of the Bahria Town Karachi. The facility of car parking has built, understanding need of the residents that is evident with the area of parking. The parking area is built on 2 to 6 floors of the building. Residents will find all necessities in this area, such as there is no issue of electricity and water in the apartments.

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Best Investment Opportunity In Khalid Bin Waleed Tower

Khalid Bin Waleed Tower has its own charm. The people investing in this project are the citizens who want to spend a luxurious life. Furthermore, they have all the opportunity to rent it out to the other people if they do not want to live in it.

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Delivering Maximized Standards In Bahria Town

The famous landmark to these apartments is Touheed square. Family parks and schools are near to these apartments. The healthcare facility is also favorable for the residents of apartments. There is a clean and green environment in the society. Moreover, security management is very smart. CCTV cameras are placed at every floor of the apartment to secure the life of the citizens.

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5 Unique Features

1 Precinct 1
2 Categories Residential & Commercial
3 Types Apartments, shops
4 Area 2 acre
5 Price Range 8,000,000 to 20,560,000

Amenities With Apartments

Entertainment spots are also near to the Khalid Bin Waleed Tower. Family restaurants and family parks are very close to this zone as well. Cafeela Bahria Town, Istanbul Grill and a small park near these apartments are some names to the entertainment places.

Importance Of Project

Khalid Bin Waleed Tower is a project of Abul Qasim Builders in Bahria Town Karachi. Abul Qasim (AQ) has done two previous projects with Bahria Town. In addition, AQ is working since 20 years with Bahria Town. The Khalid Bin Waleed apartment’s payment plan is easy and affordable for investors.

Types Of Apartments

It is the largest project of Bahria Town Karachi. It is offering 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments. The area of 2 bedroom apartments is 1100 sq.ft. that is a wide capacity for two-bedroom apartments. You will get all the facilities with these apartments. The apartments are full of necessities and luxuries. There are commercial as well as residential plots available in the zone. So, residents can also grab the opportunity of doing business. You can easily buy Khalid Bin Waleed’s 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom apartments.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

People ask some usual questions about Khalid Bin Waleed Tower in Bahria Town Karachi apartments. They have different queries as well regarding 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom apartments in Bahria Town. So, we have tried to answer maximum questions below. If you have more questions regarding this project, feel free to contact us!

About Khalid Bin Waleed Tower

Khalid Bin Waleed Tower is the third project of AQ builders with Bahria Town. AQ builders commenced with two more projects along Bahria Town in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. One of the AQ builders’ project Business Centre is about to complete with Bahria Town. The apartments have built on an area of 2 acre and it is the largest project of Bahria Town Karachi. It is full of facilities that people desire for their living.


These flats involve different categories for the buyers. There are residential apartments as well as commercial units for sale in this project. Investors can easily start registration for 2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments with this project. These flats are favorable for residents as well as business proprietors. The area of only 2 bedroom apartments is 11 sq. ft. So, if you are in search of 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Bahria Town then it is one of the best investment you can make for yourself.

Payment Plan

Khalid Bin Waleed Tower is full of facilities and people are also interested in buying these flats a lot. Therefore, we are presenting different categories of the payment plan for them. For instance, investors can buy flats here with the 20% down payment of the total amount of the flats. Furthermore, the price of these apartments from Rs. 8,800,000 to Rs. 20,560,000. Khalid Bin Waleed Tower’s flats are also available on installments.


These apartments at the Bahria Town possess all necessities of life for its residents. You will find every facility for living here such as backup for electricity generation, water, schools, hospitals, Banks and etc. Apart from it, you also have entertainment spots near your home in the form of a small park for kids, food court and Cinema as well.


The location of Khalid Bin Waleed Tower is convenient for people. It is located at the beginning of Bahia Town in Precinct 1. You can find these flats just crossing Touheed Square and Carnival of the Bahria Town Karachi. It is an important project of Bahria Town Karachi where you can find all luxuries for your life. There are different size of the apartments in it. Therefore, if you are in search of 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Bahria Town Karachi, 3 bedroom apartments for sale in Bahria Town Karachi or 4 bedroom apartments in Bahria Town, this project is best for you.

Process For Registeration

You can easily find details of the project Khalid Bin Waleed Tower using the platform of REDBOX. You can contact us and visit us to know all the information required regarding these apartments. We will provide you with proper consultancy for the project and will help you in the entire process of the registration of these apartments.

Neighboring Landmarks

People can easily find major landmarks near this project of Khalid Bin Waleed Tower. As you know, it is located at the beginning of the Bahria Town Karachi, so you do not have to search for it ahead of Carnival Bahria Town Karachi. You may reach to it easily crossing Touheed Square roundabout.

Why Invest Here?

The project of Khalid Bin Waleed Tower involves not only necessities but also the luxuries of life. For instance, you can find proper backup electricity generators, water, healthcare and education centers. You will also find luxuries of life such as well-developed Cinemas, family restaurants, Theme parks as well as food courts. Nonetheless, you will not find these facilities anywhere in the country; hence, it is important from the investment perspective.

Life In Khalid Bin Waleed Tower

Khalid Bin Waleed Tower has built on the well-planned structure and appropriate management system. People will find an appropriate arrangement for CCTV cameras and guards with which secure life is also evident. Parking facilities, proper air passages, modern elevators and other facilities are provided to the residents who want to spend a lavish life. You can also find more buying opportunities these flats such as flats for sale in Syedna Bilal Tower Bahria.

Payment Schedule

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Category/Size Down Payment On Diggings Quarterly Installment On Posession Total Amount
4 Bed / 2500 Sqfts 4,562,500 912,500 570,313 3,650,000 18,250,000
3 Bed / 1800 Sqfts 3,285,000 657,000 410,625 2,658,000 13,140,000
3 Bed / 2030 Sqfts 3,704,750 740,950 463,094 2,963,800 14,819,000
3 Bed / 1100 Sqfts 2,007,500 401,500 250,938 1,606,000 8,030,000
2 Bed / 1450 Sqfts 2,646,250 529,250 330,781 2,117,000 10,585,000
3 Bed / 1150 Sqfts 2,098,750 419,750 262,344 1,679,000 8,395,000
2 Bed / 1430 Sqfts 2,609,750 521,950 326,219 2,087,800 10,439,000
2 Bed / 1660 Sqfts 3,029,500 605,900 378,688 2,423,600 12,118,000