Founder and CEO of REDBOX, Naveed Shah gained popularity for the first YouTube Channel having specialization in multiple dimensions of Real Estate. He runs a dynamic online real estate technology platform that provides up-to-date and quality information that helps in making informed decision making while serving both B2B & B2C segments.

Naveed Shah gained his Bachelors in Sociology, European History as well as Masters of Business Administration from PIMSAT. His educational prospects have further supported his professional skills.

He is an excellent trainer who will make sure that your knowledge spreads in the digital sphere across multiple touch point to help you in shortening the information search cycle with regards to real estate investment decisions. Real Estate Marketing Course will be his specialty through which he will be teaching pupils as per his expertise in this area.

He believes in a unique and innovative business model that serves all the stakeholders in the real estate market of Pakistan. He links them with a state-of-the-art IT platform that reduces transaction cost and time thereby boosting the ease of doing business manifold. He is a mastermind to thrive on an entrepreneurial culture and take pride in the quality of our human resources that has enabled him to deliver excellence over time. He will be your mentor for digital marketing training for real estate so that you can brush up your skills regarding property more in the newly developed real estate world.

He has vast skills in his field and various other co-related spheres, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing & Strategy.
  • Brand Development and Awareness.
  • Digital and Online Advertising.
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations.
  • Team Management and Leadership.

I hope you are looking forward to get to know more about your trainer, Mr. Naveed Shah!

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