FBR serves notices to 1500 Lahore citizens for hiding property

Lahore: According to sources, the federal board of Revenue FBR has issued notices to approximately 1,500 citizens who have not added the details of purchased properties during 2017-2018 in their wealth statements. The recipients have been directed to submit the original information within 15 days. As per the sources, out of 78,000 property units purchased in 2017-2018, 1,976 properties were purchased by 1,500 citizens in Lahore. Instead of paying due property taxes, the citizens made no mention of being the owners of these properties in their assets statements. These properties are worth billions of rupees in Pakistan. The federal institution has announced 110 individuals out of 1,500 citizens to be non-filers. As per some sources, in these 1,500 citizens, around 1,000 property owners hold high designations in companies registered with the Regional Tax Office.

The FBR has issued notices to property owners and has demanded a reply within 15 days.

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