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The REDBOX is Pakistan’s only website that offers you property disputes resolution services. Be it the threat of forgery or the garb of any delaying tactics , REDBOX is there to guide you at every step.


We provide you with the most up-to-date and authentic legal advice that helps you put forward a strong case that can withstand any test or scruitiny.


We believe in creating a win-win situation for all parties to a dispute. We act as neutral experts and thrive on our ability to build common ground and negotiate a settlement even from extreme position of opposing parties in a property dispute.


We believe there are different types and classes of customer with different mindset and hence we don’t believe in a one shoe fit all approach. We pride ourselves in proposing a range of different solutions to our clients giving them a variety of option from which to chose from according to their customized needs and preferences.


We leverage our network and contact in government channels to help you reach out and register your legal issue with the relevant state authorities if the need arises. We help save time by identifying the decision makers and attracting his attention to your case.

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