We want to become Your Table Talk

As the leading real estate buying and selling services provider of the country, the REDBOX is also committed to educate the masses about the complexities and updates of the real estate market. In this regard, a couple of years back we started Pakistan’s first and only real estate E-Mag, which converted into now e-newspaper after completing its first volume of 365 E-Magazines. It is the only newspaper of the real estate industry that we publish daily and has the readership in thousands. Through this newspaper, the REDBOX is not only helping the real estate dealers but also allowing the ordinary people to know the real estate industry in a much better manner. With an advancement of media, REDBOX transformed itself to become more accessible to you at your screens and came up with some rare publications regarding the real estate, which going to help you in anytime you want to get some understanding before an making a decision to deal in property. So just click on your preferable topic’s downloadable file from the section below and save it in your ‘read list’.