Real Estate Business Management Course

Real Estate Business Management course involves strategies of establishing and sustaining the business in the corporate world. The classes for Business Management are planned to educate people about real estate industry and resolve issues related to property management. The learners will be able to recognize their entrepreneur traits and will get insights into property management stability with the appropriate documentation.

Topics We Cover

Pakistan Real Estate Landscape

Brief history of real estate business, forthcoming trends as well as housing downturn in Pakistan will be covered in the course.

Real Estate Business

Knowledge of real estate start-up in Pakistan, establishment of realtors and brokers as profession and legal aspects of the property management.

Property Laws & Documentation

Documentation for the property buying and selling, avoiding fraudulent in the industry, laws for property rentals and installments.

Real Estate Numbers Game

Models of loss adjustments, gain in capital values, ROI models, Implementation of taxes in real estate business will be involved.

Financing Models

Understand financing of property in Pakistan, methods of sharing profit, funding and generating a pool for it, REIT model.

Karachi Real Estate Landscape

Learning well-known projects of Karachi, details of under-developed & developed projects and future development needs.

Course Details

1 Course Name: Business Management course
2 Course Length: 6 weeks
3 Course Duration: 18 hours
4 Instructor (s): Naveed Shah, Shakil A.Kamal
5 Dates: 17th November 2019
6 Course fee: -
7 Who Should Attend: Professionals belong to construction businesses, realtors, Investors in real estate, engineers.
8 Status: Open