Real Estate Digital Marketing

Real Estate Digital Marketing Course is a comprehensive course including all the perspectives of the digital world. Social media is a part of digital marketing and the digital trend is on the peak. Either it is construction business, real estate business or any other broker enterprise, digital marketing is essential. This course aims to give exposure to the digital world towards realtors, real estate owners and client managers of property management.

Topics We Cover

Entrepreneurial Skills

Understand business environment, know the corporate aspects of the small & large enterprises, significance of businesses in economy

Marketing Management for Real Estate

Recognize requirements of marketing in real estate business, advertisements to the local and international customers in real estate business

Digital Marketing for Realtors

Consider channels of marketing in the digital world, trends and competition in the online advertisements, increasing rank on Google

Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Get into Real Estate business, broker services, Models for the Real estate businesses, analysis of property market and economic influence on real estates

Global Real Estate Overview

Local and international competition of the property management businesses, innovation in real estate industry and global aspects of property business

Real Estate Laws Overview

Background of the properties and property business in Karachi, Laws of properties, fraudulent in the real estate business, documentation for properties

Course Details

1 Course Name: Real Estate Digital Marketing
2 Course Length: 6 weeks
3 Course Duration: 24 hours
4 Instructor (s): Naveed Shah, Sana Budhwani, Shakil A.Kamal, Sultan Aamir Khan
5 Dates: 17th November 2019
6 Course fee: -
7 Who Should Attend: Professionals from allied sector such as bankers, insurers, financers, marketers etc.
Realtors & real estate owners. Students want to start their career in real estate.
8 Status: Open