Being the CEO of Catayes Inc. and specialist for research, marketing and financial advisory, Shakil Anwer Kamal is a well-equipped Corporate Trainer, Economist, Economic Investment Advisor, as well as Crypto Currency Expert. As it has been mentioned that there is a lot to learn from Mr. Shakil Anwer Kamal, we hope that you enjoy him as your trainer in the chance of free marketing workshop given to you.

Being an economist and having vast experience of capital markets and management, Shakil Anwer Kamal has an analytical view of economies and he love sharing it in his training sessions. He has keen insights for research and financial skills which can help you take better marketing as well as investment decisions. This is an important opportunity which can help in the interaction with a wide range of clients for the communication as well as negotiation skills.

Some of the other important qualities of Shakil Anwer Kamal can be described through his experience, such as:

  • Experience in Stock Exchanges and Capital Market
  • Teaching and Training of Economics, Business, Industry Analysis and Capital Markets.
  • Fin Tech and Block Chain Enthusiast

We hope you are interested in meeting your well informed Trainer. Have a great session!

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