Sultan Aamir Khan is a professional Banker with International Working Exposure of 24 years. Sharing his professional expertise and knowledge through Corporate Training programs for individuals and companies is his Forte. He has Command over Strategic Marketing, Business Process Restructuring, and Strategic Planning with International Experience of over Two Decades. He is a professional Consultant and providing his consultancy to various companies in Pakistan, UAE, Eastern Africa and Canada.

Aamir earned his MBA Degree in Marketing Management from abroad along with various Banking Courses and Diplomas during his professional working tenure. He is a specialist of Business Development and has worked mainly in Eastern and Southern parts of African Continent along with UAE and Canada. Some of the notable institutions where he provided professional training expertise are; Pakistan Steel and Pakistan Steel Cadet College, BMS Pakistan Limited (a subsidiary of OGDC Pakistan), PSO, Bimslink Pakistan Limited, Johnson & Johnson Pakistan, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Punjab Provincial Commercial Bank Limited, Bahari 2000 East Africa Limited, Head Scot Investments Zimbabwe, Bureau of Multinational Sales, Dell Computers Malaysia, Right Options Canada Inc. etc.

Sultan Aamir Khan can be describe as:

Professional, Committed, Resilient and Smart Working individual. We have a “Breath of Fresh Air” in Redbox after the induction of Sultan Aamir Khan.

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