1st Pakistan Online E-Magazine

By Arsal Baig - May 05,18

Sometimes when someone thinks of something that has never happened, the world calls him an idealist. This idealism motivates the REDBOX Pakistan’s largest property portal to start publishing a real estate online magazine. With this, the REDBOX has now the prestige of publishing Pakistan’s first every only online real estate magazine with daily additions. The Pakistan first commercial and residential free real estate magazine is designed to fulfill all your needs and requirements. Our page consists of the news related to different topics. The average number of pages in the REDBOX daily online magazine is around 60 to 70 pages. There are different sections in our magazine that are dedicated to numerous topics and news that we cover. The news that we pick get verified first through different editors to ensure the authenticity of the information. To tell you more about the first Pakistan online real estate magazine, read the next lines of this article to know more how we are bringing the revolution in the real estate world through our magazine and how you can advertise in our magazine.

Detailed Property Information

The REDBOX online magazine becomes a custom magazine for realtors when we divide it into different sections. The REDBOX online magazine contains all the latest and important information regarding the real estate sector of Pakistan and around the world too. In the property information sector of our online real estate magazine, you can find the new laws implemented by the government in the property sector. Here you can read about the controversies or any fraud debunked in this sector. Whatever a realtor or real estate investor would wish to know, the REDBOX real estate magazine Pakistan contain all those information.

Property Inventories

In our property information section, you would find news about the steps government taking regarding real estate or the progress of the judicial cases about any real estate project. But in our real estate agents magazine, you will find hundreds of property inventories. These inventories that we add in our magazine are all that the REDBOX property portal gets from you people. Every day our web portal receives hundreds of entries. We receive different types of properties that includes commercial, residential and entire projects. After verifying those inventories within a day, we post it not only on our portal but also add in our online real estate magazine so thousands of eyes that are reading this magazine can also know about the market rate of different projects.

Real Estate Advertising Platform

The REDBOX branded real estate magazine has a readership in thousands. All of these readers are in one way or another related to the real estate business in Pakistan and around the world where people can understand or read Urdu. That is what makes our online property magazine an ideal platform to advertise all the real estate related business. That is the reason why the real estate companies in Pakistan show their trust in the REDBOX real estate e-mag and ask us to advertise their business or any real estate project. With our advertisement, the real estate companies have grown their popularity and got numbers of leads that helped them in turning their business from the small size to an enterprise.


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