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Our journey is full of adventures and achievements. In November 2017, REDBOX was established and after just few months, REDBOX decided to showcase its presence with industry related video happenings, for that in February 2018, YouTube channel ‘REDBOX TV’ was launched as a sister company of REDBOX. The objective of our YouTube Channel is to provide the genuine property updates and latest information about new real estate projects. The content gives critical insights on background of property projects and their standing all around the country, which ultimately become the viewable among audience. With the span of 8 months, ‘REDBOX TV’ was receiving 50k views on daily basis. In January 2019, REDBOX Estate & ‘REDBOX TV’ was given the opportunity to participate as Official Media Partners in International Property Expo. With the increasing number of subscribers in a short span of time and continuous progress, REDBOX achieved the "YouTube Silver Play" button.