Marwa Hill View Narkins Boutique Residence

Marwa Hill View

Marwa Hill View in Surjani in Karachi is a lavish housing society. It is one of the most expansive projects, with easy access to all amenities and utilities. The new notion of urban living has been portrayed as a way of life that promotes community development and environmental protection.

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Narkins Boutique Residence Narkins Boutique Residence


Narkins Boutique Residence is a lavish apartment at a Prime location of Bahria Town Karachi.

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State-of-the-art Building Standards And Interior Decors For 1 And 2 And 3 Bedroom Apartments

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Aq Pent House Aq Pent House


Abul Qasim Penthouses in Bahria Town Karachi are the upcoming project by Adul Qasim Builders, catered with the aim of providing the residents with an ultimate experience of an extravagant lifestyle

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Bin Ahsan Bin Ahsan


Bin Ahsan Green City, as the name indicates, is a verdant greenery residential project located on Karachi's M-9 that is gaining momentum with utmost demand by investors and buyers

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ASF City ASF City


Located On Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway. Architectural Designs Selected For Asf Housing Scheme Match The International Standards Of Living

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11 Skyrising Towers With Over a Thousand Luxury Residential Apartments of 2, 3 And 4 Bedrooms.

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These lands for sale further come up with the best amenities and self-catering services

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This shopping center will be facilitating a number of people in Bahria Town as business life is going to expand for the investors.

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Feature Projects

Marwa Hill View

Marwa Hill View

Marwa Hill View is a Karachi housing society. It is one of the first profitable home developments to provide top living options with high-standard amenities and a premium quality lifestyle in a safe and secure environment at a fair price. The new urban living concept has been offered as a way of life that promotes community building and environmental protection in the most transparent way possible. It is being created in accordance with all applicable international and local regulations. Numerous utilities, such as 24-hour security, a border wall, maintenance, water, gas, and electricity, are conveniently available.

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Narkins Boutique Residency

Narkins Boutique is a prime residential apartment available for purchase in a prime location of Bahria Town Karachi. This apartment for sale is located at Heritage Village commercial, & is near about many facilities, landmarks & many magnificent precincts of Bahria Town Karachi. Narkins Boutique Apartment is a low-cost Apartment for sale in Bahria Town Karachi, with exclusive and luxurious amenities such as Peaceful Prayer Area, Grand Reception & Lobby, High-end, Swimming Pool, Innovative Gym, Grand Community Hall, Billiard Room, Play Area and much more. It’s a 4 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom & 2 Bedroom apartment that is available for purchase. The possession for Narkins boutique would be given on the year of 2024 and before 2025.

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Redsim Hills

Redsim Hills is an emerging building icon for Bahria Town in the days to come. With state-of-the-art building standards and interior decors, this is soon to become one of the most affordable yet luxurious apartments. Being at the Heart of the Bahria and closer to Liberty Commercials. Redsim Hills has complete and resourceful medical, educational, and shopping facilities. The Total Plot area is stated to be 268 sq. yds. The Redsim Hills have apartment sizes at variance to fulfill everyone’s needs such as 500 sq. ft. 850 sq. ft. and 1360 sq. ft. With all the luxurious additives, the commercial shops, energy-efficient designs, and a superior interior and exterior finishes, Redsim Hills still have more to offer.

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Asf City

Called the "First Sustainable City of Pakistan," ASF City Karachi provides you unlimited investment opportunities in the 3009 acres project. REDBOX informs you with real estate consultancy in the ten developing blocks. Gain the best rates for 125 sq yards, 250 sq yards, and 500 sq yards plots in ASF City Karachi. You can either buy fully-paid plots or attain plots for sale in Karachi. This smart city is fully equipped with all the amenities like electricity backup, internet facility, electricity, parking spaces, water disposal system, mosques, parks, and so on! This is a vital investment opportunity where investment is secure with an unbreakable vow to deliver possession in 2022. Perks and facilitation is the topmost priority of ASF City Karachi.

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Asf City
Bin Ahsan


Abul Qasim Penthouses in Bahria Town Karachi are the upcoming project by Adul Qasim Builders, catered with the aim of providing the residents with an ultimate experience of an extravagant lifestyle, along with a unique array of entertainment and leisure amenities. Strategically located in the precinct 8 of Bahria Town Karachi, besides Imtiaz Super Market, the penthouses offers contemporary designs and architecture, providing residents with the ultimate luxury in their residence. The most luxurious features of Penthouses includes Indoor games, A Cricket Pitch, Pool, Lounge and a Lawn at front. Penthouses offers the residents an incredible view of the state-of-art-structure of Bahria Town Karachi. Besides, AQ penthouse grandeur includes premium swimming pools that are adjacent to the penthouses. Moreover the most extravagant feature of Penthouses is the parking; the penthouses will have their very own parking.

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Bin Ahsan Green City, as the name indicates, is a verdant greenery residential project located on Karachi's M-9 that is gaining momentum with utmost demand by investors and buyers. The Bin Ahsan Green City Super Highway has a range of amenities ranging from basic to luxurious, including a standard sewerage system, 24/7 security, a mosque, a school, a hospital, and a playground, and it is the first society to be developed according to environmentally friendly standards. Bin Ahsan Green City is a prominent project that includes 120 and 240 sq yd residential sites, as well as 100 sq yd commercial plots. Bin Ahsan Green City’s payment plan is comparatively very reasonable compared to all the housing schemes available on Super Highway. Besides, Bin Ahsan Green City is been approved by all the Authorities and have all the seven required NOCs.

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Bin Ahsan
Coastal View Farmhouse


Located near Coast Guard Check Post from Gharo, Coastal View Farmhouses is the ideal location for purchasing a lush green farmhouse. These lands for sale further come up with the best amenities and self-catering services. REDBOX provides you convenient and more natural options for availing its fully paid and installment plans. The features and beauty of Coastal View Farmhouses will convince you to invest in these farmhouses so that your decision can be extremely profitable and convenient when it comes to assuring maximum ease and happiness to you and your family. It will be a perfect holiday destination for your leisure time or renting out to other associated in the time of need. Think about the perks!

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Dominion Grand is the biggest ever commercial and residential project of Bahria Town Karachi. Located in the center of all the commercial activities of Bahria, the Dominion Grand is the place if you want to invest in the landmark projects. With the land size of 6.5 acres, Dominion Grand is even bigger than Karachi’s famous shopping points Lucky One Mall and Hyperstar. Not only that, it has 11 towers with over a thousand luxury residential apartments of 2, 3 and 4 bed with size ranges from 880 to 2900 sqft. If you want to find best shops for sale in Dominion Grand or apartments for sale in Dominion Grand then REDBOX is the perfect option for you because we have the cream inventory of the project and selling on discounted rates

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Dominion The Grand

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