Blue Lake Farmhouses

Welcome to the exquisite venture with Blue Lake Farmhouses by REDBOX, where the rustic charm meets modern needs. You can get to experience the serenity of the thoughtfully designed farmhouses amidst natural beauty.

Blue Lake farmhouses in Karachi are an exceptional option to buy for different reasons. These farmhouses for sale are offering a serene escape form noise and stress of the city by offering peaceful environment. With an exceptional retreat for ample space and privacy, these farmhouses for sale can offer generous land and open spaces by ensuring privacy for different activities, and hobbies. With an excellent investment potential, it can allow you to enjoy the rising demand and appreciation overtime by being a lucrative investment option. It can be utilized as a primary residence, vacation home, agro-tourism site, and even events by making it a versatile choice.


Blue Lake Farmhouses are located in Gharo. Conveniently located near the bustling metropolis, it allows residents to access enjoying serene rural environment. As Gharo is located near Arabian Sea Cost, it offers picturesque views and refreshing sea breeze where visitors can enjoy coastal charm. Known for its mangrove forests, green fields and serene lakes, Blue Lake Farmhouses can enhance the overall living experience. 

BLUE LAKE Farmhouses can serve through providing healthy lifestyle away from congestion and pollution of cities. These farmhouses are designed to reduce the exposure of urban environmental hazards. By fostering a strong sense of community living, these farmhouses provide a chance to embrace local traditions and agricultural practices by enriching life’s experiences.


Blue Lake Farmhouses are offering different 3-Bed and 3-Bath Farmhouses with attached Kitchen and outdoor area. It is also offering swimming pools, cricket net, basketball grounds, table tennis and much more! With accessibility of party areas, lawns, solar panels and other miscellaneous activities within the vicinity of Blue Lake Farmhouses for sale, you can enjoy the serenity of farmhouses with a completed lifestyle.

Moreover, the project offers different outdoor amenities such as horse riding club, boating, zip line, jogging track, prayer areas, customized gym, security surveillance, coffee shops, and parks. The project is planned to be equipped with road networks, sewerage, backup electricity, and ambulance and first aid facilities.  These are specifically designed by keeping in mind the needs of the common people.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Serene Natural Surroundings You can embrace the tranquility of serene surroundings at Blue Lake Farmhouses where nature’s beauty awaits to soothe your soul.
Offering a picturesque escape amidst the tranquil waters and serene surroundings, BLUE LAKE Farmhouses offers oasis of inspiration.
Blue Lake Farmhouses offers multiple amenities and facilities never before offered in farmhouses near Gharo to provide you ultimate experience.
These farmhouses for sale are offered within the complete measures of privacy and security through different features allocated.
Being located as farmhouses near Karachi, you will be at a close distance to urban amenities of the city of lights to enjoy the charms.

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