Planned on an area of more than 3000 acres, ASF City is a project developed by ASF Foundation. This society is providing a golden opportunity for the people in Pakistan to live in a lavish society having all the perks. With multiple plots for sale in ASF housing scheme, people would also be facilitated with a lot of amenities. It is located on Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway and has been strategically planned to be close to the city of lights, Karachi. This society is planned to provide sustainable solutions for living to its residents. There is are commercial, residential and mixed-use property in ASF City where you can invest in!


In ASF City, multiple plot categories are ranging from 125, 250 and 500 sq. yards in the residential sector and 100 and 200 sq. yards in the commercial sector. There are numerous investment opportunities available for people so that they can lead a prosperous life in a peaceful environment which would benefit them round the clock. We encourage you to buy land for sale in ASF City Karachi so that all your wishes come true!

Asf city Center
Asf city school


ASF City is the first sustainable city of Pakistan with qualities such as pedestrian & cycling tracks, shopping malls, metro, tramway and roadway system along with recreational and community activities.

Asf city gym
Asf city mall
Asf city parking
Asf city Hospital


There is special care given to facilitate people with a healthy environment, 24/7 safety, planned infrastructure and architecture, and peace of mind. Water and energy needs of the people are also kept in mind.

Asf city restaurant


1 Blocks: 10
2 Total Area 3009 Acres
3 Residential Plots: 125, 250, 500 sq. yards.
4 Location: M9 Motorway
5 Commercial Plots: 100, 200 sq. yards.


There is a wide range of plots for sale in ASF City to facilitate you. Everybody wishes to live in a society which fulfills their dreams in a maximized form and have a lot of facilities and full security measures. The dream is fulfilled with residential and commercial plots for sale in ASF.


Along with plots for sale in ASF Housing Scheme, there are also a wide number of benefits provided so that the people can lead a carefree life. There are measures taken for providing 24/7 security with CCTV cameras. Also, there are amenities such as schools, colleges, hospitals etc. to facilitate you.

Legal Aspects of ASF City

ASF City has obtained a NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) by Sindh Development Authority by which it has permission for the development in this region which spreads on about more than 3000 acres. This is how; it is given full allowance for development from various building authorities for maximum outcomes to be obtained. Provision of electricity is one of the significant obstacles faced by new developing societies. Keeping this in mind, ASF City has also received a NOC for electricity for full power supply for its residents.

Some Fequently Asked Questions Answered

Here are some of the important questions which people ask us regarding the prestigious project of ASF City. Here we have given the answers to multiple questions. If you have more information about this project share with us. On the other hand, if you aim to know more about ASF City so contact us now to get answers to your queries!

About ASF City

ASF City is the location of your dreams with a lot to offer. Located on Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway, ASF Housing Scheme shines as one of the most appealing choices in terms of providing the best living facilities. Land for sale in ASF Housing Scheme is divided into multiple categories to make it feasible for the people when they plan their investment in this society.

Residential Plots

There are various categories of residential and commercial plots for sale available for you in ASF Housing Scheme such as 125, 250 and 500 sq. yards. These plots are available on full cash or even installment plans. Residential plots for sale in ASF City is one of the best investment options in today’s time, which is guaranteed to bring profitable returns in the upcoming future.

Commercial Plots

There are several commercial plots available in ASF City in different plot sizes where you can start working and gain more benefits. People are more likely to be attracted to commercial property for sale in ASF City due to the rental value and future benefits it beholds. It is the right time to invest in this society before all the important plots get sold out!


Nowadays, due to the increasing population in Karachi, ASF City is gaining popularity due to increasing acceptance in terms of new and well-reputed property project in Karachi. This is an essential and well-reputed project developed by ASF Foundation having numerous plots for sale in ASF Housing Scheme, providing multiple amenities with maximized profits.


ASF is based on the area of total 3009 acres, and it has been planned to expand this area up to double. Keeping in mind the latest preferences of residential and commercial investors, ASF resides in a separate boundary wall with all the facilities of life in it. This is a large area comprising of residential and commercial plots for sale in ASF City available on affordable prices.


ASF Housing Scheme comes up with the top, round the clock security measures to keep you safe 24/7 so that you can live your life in peace and harmony. The architectural designs selected for ASF Housing Scheme match the international standards of living, which will give you a perfect aura in your house. People would be provided with all these facilities along with their plots in ASF City.


Located on M9 Motorway, ASF City is the best option for residential and commercial property with 24/7 security measures provided for your maximum protection and care. This is an extremely safe place on Super Highway which has hundreds of amenities provided to facilitate you to the level best. This is one of the most popular locations for new residential projects in the current time,

Payment Plan

Payment Plan of ASF City is divided into two different prospects. You can either pay for your plot on full cash payment or also opt the option for paying for your property on a flexible installment plan. Possession will be granted in 3 years’ time. The flexibility of the payment plan is designed specifically as per your feasibility for paying for your property for sale in ASF City Karachi.

Nearby Facilities

ASF Housing Scheme is your best chance because of the provision of multiple perks such as schools, colleges, hospitals, parks, boundary wall and much more! These facilities are being developed into the smart city to suit the needs of the residents. You will soon be able to enjoy all these perks. All you have to do is contact us and book your plots in ASF City Karachi.

Payment Schedule

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Size Processing Fee (non Refundable) Down Payment 16 Quarterly Installment Total Price
80 Sq yd 26,000 276,000 (16 X 69,000) 1,104,000 1,380,000
125 Sq yd 26,000 552,000 (16 X 138,000) 2,208,000 2,760,000
250 Sq. yd 26,000 828,000 (16 X 207,000) 3,312,000 4,140,000
500 Sq yd 26,000 1,380,000 (16 X 345,000) 5,520,000 6,900,000