CEO Message

We believe in change, transparency and technology

Greetings! It’s Naveed Shah, and my message is of change. I believe success is in being unique. At Redbox, we deal with different national and multinational developers, builders, and consultants, but we keep our tone unique.

We wanted to revolutionize the real estate industry, and I am proud to share that Redbox is the only company with more than 250k subscribers on YouTube. We use the proptech approach and adapt to the progressing trends timely. Our goal is to utilize science and digital solutions to solve real estate problems, and we are working on it successfully as a team.

The Redbox family is thriving to make the real estate business transparent, reliable, and legitimate for ordinary people. We aim to become the world’s most valuable and technology-driven real estate company. Our sole aim isn’t to sell, but to educate. Our staff leaves no stone unturned in order to educate and spread awareness about the real estate industry to the masses. We believe you should know where and why you are investing.


Personally, I’m an open-minded person who is adaptive and believes in changing according to the trends of the world. I do not believe in being a bureaucratic CEO. Rather, I call myself a chief clarity officer, not an executive. Because ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere. You can count on me as a straightforward, flexible, and diligent person who is willing to go the extra mile for his company.

Conclusively, we educate and help people make informed decisions in the real estate market. Moreover, we lift each other up at Redbox, work on dreams together, and turn them into reality.