Costal View Farmhouse

Coastal View Farmhouse

Located on the Sindh Coastal Highway, 30 KM away from Bin Qasim Karachi, the Coastal Farmhouse is the one project which is allowing everyone to get their own farmhouse. The Coastal View Farmhouse is the land of purity and entertainment. Coastal View Farmhouse is the ideal option for purchasing a lush green farmhouse for your facility! It will provide a variety of self-catering services in the lush green property you own!


We will shortly contact you with all the details and specifications that you want. REDBOX is offering you maximum consultation about the project so that you would be able to make your decision more conveniently and quickly. We assure you utmost ease and happiness by investing in this project.


Located on the Sindh Coastal Highway, 30 KM away from Bin Qasim Karachi. The project is situated in Morousi Land so you don’t have to worry about the lease. Other than that, you will be provided with clean water and electricity connections for your farmhouse. There are guards situated to protect the land provided by Coast Line Builders and Developers.


Every project has different exotic features to attract the audience. In Coastal View Farmhouses, there are a number of features that will convince you about the beauty and profitability of the property. You can enjoy the beautiful moments of your life in Coastal View Farmhouse! Contact us for getting more information regarding the payment plan and facilities which comes up with your farmhouse!. Investing in a location like this is a golden opportunity for you if you want to have a peaceful holiday location on your own! The quality of the farmhouses is ensured to be “the best in class.”

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1 Total Area: 1 Acre
2 Total Project Land: 176 Acres
3 Distance from Sindh Coastal Highway: 36 KM
4 Total Farmhouses: 144
5 Total Blocks: 3(A, B, C)

Project Details

Many people buy their farmhouses so that they can have an escape from city life. This farmhouse land for sale is going to fulfill that wish, or you can also use it for commercial purposes. People associated with farming can also use it as agricultural land for sale in Gharo and earn profits by multiple methods as per their own expertise. Coastal View Farmhouse Price is also affordable for every common man to get started on the dream of their life. After the down payment of the project as per the associated payment plan, you can get started on your land.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Located near Gharo, Coastal View Farmhouse is one of the most luxurious property options where you can form your own farmhouse as per your own choices. This is one of the most distinguished properties with multiple amenities and maximized security provided to you. Coastal View Farmhouse Prices are also equipped as per the financial status of a common man for bringing ease.
In this project, there are about 144 farmhouses in total in 36 blocks. Each farmhouse is based on a total area of 1 acre with a lush green environment! Available for sale, the coastal view farmhouse is the ideal location where you can set up a large farmhouse according to your needs! This is a large provided area which you can use as it suits you best.
One of the biggest concerns that people have about a new property is the availability of natural resources. Coastal View Farmhouse near Karachi is fully equipped with natural resources such as electricity, natural gas resources, and water. There is a complete provision of these resources to the people for a better and more convenient lifestyle for you so that you can have maximum benefits!
Each farmhouse is based on an area of about 1 Acre with the corner location. Each block has four farmhouses in total, giving a large area to each property owner! The payment plan is divided into different installments so that buyers can make feasible schedules as per their payment methods. This is how one can easily afford such a large area of the farmhouse for sale in Gharo.
The total cost of this project is 15 lacs. As per coastal view farmhouse rates, your plan will be divided into different installments through which you can easily pay it. We can also customize the installments as per your feasibility! Coastal View Farmhouse near Karachi is the best property option for you which you can avail yourself for acquiring the best property solutions!
We want to put out values into practice and create a strong relationship with the buyers by providing them with convenient and comfortable farmhouses with a vast area of about 1 acre. Our mission is to provide lush green, comfortable and affordable farmhouses to people who prefer to spend their vacations and picnics in a quiet and peaceful locale.
There are a number of ways by which you can use your farmhouse for sale in Pakistan. First, you can construct it and use it for your leisure. You can either use it for your own picnics and holidays with your family or rent it out! People can also use it as agricultural land for sale in Sindh for trying out multiple farming methods and earning profits.
We make sure that all our buyers get a safe and secure environment. With the farmhouses are located and allow they to breathe and relax in the quiet site they own! Out of the polluted and artificial environment of the city, Coastal View Farmhouse is equipped with lush green scenarios and natural surroundings. Coastal View Farmhouse is safe and secure from the outside world.
For buying farmhouses for sale on Coastal Highway Gharo, you will go through the process of a clear and legal systematic approach from DC Office Gharo. You can also ask about Form 7, which is a legalized process through which you can have your farmhouse with complete legalization. If you have any doubts, you can also get the documents verified as per your own wishes.

Payment Schedule

There are two methods of paying for the project. You can pay the full amount in cash or you can opt for the option of 18 monthly installment plan. You will obtain possession of the land right after you pay for it and then you can construct it as per your own feasibility and needs.

BOOKING  Rs250,000
TOTAL  Rs24,00,000