Tower51 is a project that will help you transition from ordinary to extraordinary living. T51 Tower provides a lifestyle that suits your vision, with 2 and 3-bedroom units available, as well as all current-day conveniences such as exceptional interior and exterior standards. T51 tower apartments for sales also provide a spectacular outlook.

Do you look forward to a lavish lifestyle at T51 Towers?

Tower51 is a project designed to assist you in making the leap from ordinary to extraordinary living. T51 Tower offers a lifestyle that fits your vision and meets all of your expectations.


T51 Towers, located in Bahria Town's precinct 8, is one of the most sought-after residential locations in the city. Furthermore, the project is strategically placed in the famed Bahria Heights neighborhood with the added benefit of being in an elevated location with a tranquil view of the surrounding area.


There are numerous amazing features of Tower 51, which include yearly maintenance, standby generators, speedy lifts, car parking, and a lot more. Tower 51 provides you with the opportunity to experience high-end living with tremendous views.

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Exclusive Amenities

Customize Flats
Speedy Lifts
Standby Generator
24/7 Security
2-3 bed room apartments


Category Residential
Location Inside Bahria Town precinct 8
Bedrooms 2 and 3 Bed Room Apartment
Project of AF Associates and Builders
Available Apartments 885, 889, 1050 sq. ft.

Project Details

T51 Tower offers an absolutely serene transition to an extra ordinary lifestyle. T51 Towers by AF Builders is a project of ground + 8 with the luxury of showrooms present in the apartment. The project offers three categories including 885 sq. ft., 889 sq. ft. and 1050 sq. Ft of 2 and 3 Bed Apartments for Sale.       

Tower51 is being developed by "AF Associates and Builders," one of the most successful builders in the area. With many prior projects under their belt, they have the skills and expertise to build your dream home.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Tower 51 offers three categories of spacious apartments available for sale including: 885 sq. ft., 889 sq. ft. and 1050 sq. ft. of 2 and 3 Bed.
With the availability of projects at the bottom, the tower gains a demanding value. Aside from that, the tower has swift lifts, management takes care of all maintenance and fittings so you can relax. Meanwhile, standby generators, security, and cameras ensure your safety.
T51 tower is a project by AF Associates and Builder. The company keeps years of experience in the field and multiple projects under its belt. It is yet another future endeavor for them.

Payment Schedule

Size Rates Amount Down Payment Digging Possession Installment
      (25%) (5%) (10%) 30
1050 Sq yd 8,500 8,925,000 2,231,250 446,250 892,500 178,500
889 Sq yd 8,500 7,556,500 1,889,125 377,825 755,650 151,130
855 Sq yd 8,500 7,267,500 1,816,875 363,375 726,750 145,350