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REDBOX doesn’t hire employees but add family members

The REDBOX believe that you cannot get the best out of someone just through a monthly paycheck. That is why we ensure all the wellbeing of our employees through various perks, facilities and environment. We have a very organized yet flexible way of doing work where everyone is responsible for his task. We do not like to burden our employees with that stuff that they don’t like. We always get the right man for the right job because only then they can come up with the correct result. As a real estate marketing company, we know that keeping up to date with the ever-changing industry of real estate is critical. That is why we keep our employees involved with different real estate related events and workshops so they can serve our clients with the best of their potential.

Mingled Environment

In REDBOX, no one is alone; we always help each other in every way possible. We are the firm believer of Team, which is Together Everyone Achieve More.

Attractive Commissions

Not only the sales team, but every employee is also allowed to get the benefit from our commission model by driving any sales. This adds up well in their monthly paycheck.

Tours & Picnics

Whenever our team break their previously set records, we reward our employees with the lavish picnics. National and international tours are also part of our recreational activities.

Current positions in REDBOX

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