Imagine your perfect home - affordable and beautifully designed. Lakhani Blessing, located across from Taiser Town Gate (Off Northern Bypass) on a spacious 150-foot road, offers exactly that. Choose from spacious 3 & 4-bedroom apartments packed with features. Experience the perfect blend of elegance and affordability at Lakhani Blessing.


Lakhani Blessing, 1-acre, Sector 78, Scheme 45, Taiser Town, Karachi


Exclusive Amenities

Dedicated parking
24/7 CCTV cameras
Advanced fire-fighting equipment
A designated prayer area.
On-site showrooms.


  • Total Area: 4,840 sq. yd. property
  • Total Floors: 5 (Basement + Ground + 4).
  • Parking Area: A basement parking lot.
  • Apartment: 3 or 4-bedroom apartments.

Project Details

Lakhani Properties, a trusted developer since 1992, offers exceptional living experiences. Their core values are honesty, trust, and quality. Lakhani Blessing exemplifies this with affordable, thoughtfully designed 3 & 4-bedroom apartments in a convenient location. Spread across spacious grounds with dedicated parking, Lakhani Blessing prioritizes resident safety and well-being with advanced fire-fighting equipment, a prayer area, and on-site showrooms for personalization. Choose Lakhani Properties for a quality home and a commitment to community.

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