A Revolution In Real Estate

In 2017, Redbox took lead in offering clients authentic, legalized, and certified property advisory and investment alternatives. We progressed with time and soon launched Redbox TV in February of 2018. Following the launch of our YouTube channel, we made it to the international platform in January of 2019. Redbox also participated in the International Property Expo as an official media partner. We collaborated with property developers in UAE and Turkey. Redbox is changing the property transaction process into an easy-tech ecosystem that ensures an amazing investment experience for the customers. We have made our name in the real estate industry with integrity, diligence, and unwavering core values.

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Invest Today for a better tomorrow

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We Aim to Make Real Estate Business Easy, Digital, and Legitimate!

REDBOX is formed to bring revolution and achieve a business platform in Pakistan real estate. It aims to explore innovative ideas in the real estate world to make the process of buying and selling easier. Our goal is to maintain the trust level despite only focusing on making sales and digitizing the business to walk along with progressing time.

Revolutionizing the Industry with Innovative Plans

Our goal is to become the leading real estate agency in Pakistan. We aim to fly high in all aspects of the industry. We are not going to leave any stone unturned in order to become the world's most valuable technology-driven real estate company. We stepped into the industry with innovative plans to revolutionize it and there will be no compromises.

Redbox Cares! Values that Inspire…

Our core values are to connect buyers and sellers with the best, authentic, and recognized projects. As we are serving three countries and have genuine international reach, we ensure the most reliable and trustworthy transferring process with more than 165k subscribers on our YouTube Channel that keep every time updated about all the real estate news and property-related information.

Moving International with Time!

REDBOX has tremendously escalated its wing to the international level and proudly managed to root its name in real estate marketing firmly. We maintained a good impression all over to bring the quality service to our clients and investment procedure. We serve by ensuring the safety of the capital and the investments. With a considerable number of clients, we deal with top real estate businesses in Pakistan, Turkey, and Dubai.

CEO Message

We believe in change, transparency and technology

Greetings! It’s Naveed Shah, and my message is of change. I believe success is in being unique. At Redbox, we deal with different national and multinational developers, builders, and consultants, but we keep our tone unique.

We wanted to revolutionize the real estate industry, and I am proud to share that Redbox is the only company with more than 250k subscribers on YouTube. We use the proptech approach and adapt to the progressing trends timely. Our goal is to utilize science and digital solutions to solve real estate problems, and we are working on it successfully as a team.

The Redbox family is thriving to make the real estate business transparent, reliable, and legitimate for ordinary people. We aim to become the world’s most valuable and technology-driven real estate company. Our sole aim isn’t to sell, but to educate. Our staff leaves no stone unturned in order to educate and spread awareness about the real estate industry to the masses. We believe you should know where and why you are investing.


Personally, I’m an open-minded person who is adaptive and believes in changing according to the trends of the world. I do not believe in being a bureaucratic CEO. Rather, I call myself a chief clarity officer, not an executive. Because ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere. You can count on me as a straightforward, flexible, and diligent person who is willing to go the extra mile for his company.

Conclusively, we educate and help people make informed decisions in the real estate market. Moreover, we lift each other up at Redbox, work on dreams together, and turn them into reality.