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The REDBOX is Pakistan’s first Real Estate Company that is transmuting this industry from brick and mortars to digital screens. With the motive of serving all industries related to the real estate, the REDBOX is providing multiple digital platforms to empower the people for ampler property purchasing and selling decisions. We at the REDBOX are focused on the growth of Pakistan’s real estate market by presenting the distinct B2B and B2C business models and 360 marketing solutions. In this regard, the REDBOX right now is catering to a colossal market who have the hunger to know up-to-date information about Pakistan’s real estate sector through its E-Mag and YouTube channel.


If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. With this motivation in mind, the Red Box launched web portal services for the real estate developer in Pakistan. Through this, the Red Box is providing an opportunity to all realtors.


The REDBOX has the prestige of being Pakistan’s first and only real estate oriented E-Magazine publisher. This is a daily based E-Mag that you can read on our website and other social forums with all the latest updates about Pakistan real estate industry.


To keep people aware of all the news and updates on the real estate sector, the REDBOX launched a YouTube channel in 2017. It is still Pakistan’s first and only real estate oriented YouTube channel with multiple informative talk shows and interviews of dominant real estate-related personalities.


With the most dynamic digital solutions for the realtors of Pakistan, the REDBOX has made a prestige of being the pioneer in this industry. The REDBOX is the first and only company in Pakistan that is providing top-notch services for the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home. From buying to selling and from renting to marketing purposes, the REDBOX is the only solution in the market for all your real estate needs.


The REDBOX possess a view of contributing significantly to the real estate industry of Pakistan by providing the problem-solving services. We at the REDBOX with the spirit of taking the real estate sector of Pakistan to the highest possible standards while keeping the value of trust paramount.


The REDBOX and the team are committed to summon the revolution in Pakistan’s real estate industry. We are confident that we will make this industry easier and accessible for every individual by providing up-to-date information and expert analysis on everyday happenings of Pakistan’s real estate sector.


We at the REDBOX keep our values in the people we serve or in our customers. We have built an environment to provide results through innovative solutions. We as a company firmly believes in our culture and heritage by keeping the high ethical standards of our behavior.


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